Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I got to teach the boys a valuable lesson.  While James it too young to remember it, I hope Isaac can.  I am a member of DAR and occasionally we get the honor a fallen soldier by standing in a flag line with the Patriot Guard riders.  Today was a special honor, this young man that we honored went MIA in Cambodia when his helicopter was shot down in 1975, today in 2012 he was found, identified, and finally got to return home.   I was so proud of both my boys today, they behaved wonderfully and seemed to understand that the event was solemn and respectful.  When the hearse passed, Isaac stood at attention, holding his flag high, his hand over his heart.  I hope that this is something he always remembers and that he learned  valuable lesson today...freedom is not free.  And we should thank those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  (on a kinda funny  note...Isaac wanted very badly to go into the funeral home-we were all outside- so he could 'check on that soldier and see if he's ok.  He didnt totally get that he is deceased, but he understand that we should honor him.)

Friday, August 17, 2012

E is for Elephant

This week we did the letter E.  We didnt do as much letter work as we did writing, coloring, patterns, and such.  He wasnt in the best school mood this week but we did work on stuff, which is sufficient for a PreK'er. 

He of course wanted to do several dab a dot pages, he really loves those things. 

We traced a lot of stuff, and he colored a lot more this week since we had out new crayon stones.  An excellent purchase! 

We did some patterns with our pattern blocks, including making the letter E. 

We discussed elephants.  Elephants live in the jungle and are big and gray according to Isaac.

We also worked on some cutting skills, we cut straws, err...logs, for him to haul in his tractor to the lumber yard where "Jim Bob" had requested he put them in stacks of certain numbers.  Was a great skill for him to learn how to properly hold scissors...err...a chain saw.  Much easier to cut than paper for him. 

Next week is going to be a busy week.  We find out the details on his speech therapy on Monday.  We'll go to the fair (look for a post about our exhibits soon!).  We plan to go apple picking (and applesauce making).  We'll also do the letter F.  F for FAIR, FAMILY, FARM, and FISH!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New toys!

We used some of Isaac's birthday money and got him some new toys!  Err...I mean, education tools. 

I'm very pleased with our purchases and we have been using them a lot this week. 

One thing we got was Crayon Stones.  They are just little crayon "rocks".  The idea is to work on the tripod pincher grasp and transition to holding pencil correctly.  Since Isaac has a few fine motor delays I thought this would be a very useful tool for him.  And as soon as he took them out of the bag he was holding them correctly and colored much more than he normally does.  So I say they are a success.  And they are so cute and fun.  They also write very smoothly, I was impressed at that.  

We also got a tub of wooden pattern blocks.  I saw several different sets of these, but opted for the plain wooden ones in a big tub over magnetic ones, foam ones, ones with lots of pattern cards.  I found several pattern sheets online, including a set for all the letters and numbers.  Isaac too right to these, copying the patterns both on the sheet and off the sheet.  Plus they are just fun to play with.  I also plan to make some patterns on the copier, photo copy them, and then let him recreate them. 

I didn't get a picture of our last purchase, we haven't used it as much yet.  But I got a tub of geometric shape blocks.  I plan to have him copy designs and patterns with them too.  He has played with them some, building various structures but nothing directed as of yet. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

D is for Dinosaur

D is for Dinosaur

This was a fun letter.  I was able to find lots of fun hands on things for Dinosaurs. 

Per my previous post we did a lot of dot marker stuff.  I also tried something new and did a "letter search" where he dotted the letter with the marker (like a word search , just letters only). 

We watched the Magic School Bus dinosaur epidsode (did you know you can find nearly all those full episodes online?) 

We made frozen "ice age dino eggs" (little dinos inside frozen water balloons) which doubled as a lesson on what happens when ice gets hot and melts. 

We did playdough dino footprints and imprints. 

We did a dino dig in his sand box!

Did another fun activity that was new to Isaac, took basic shapes and made abstract dinosaurs, he did really well since he had never done anything like that before.  Pattern blocks are on my get list very soon. 

I'm thinking if this heat breaks a little (should be only high 90s maybe later this week) we may go on an exploration...I here there is a pile of dinosaur bones around here somewhere....hmmmm....

Dot Markers

Dot Markers.  Dab a Dot.  Bingo Markers.  Whatever you call them.  They are  my new favorite tool.  I would see these dot sheets and I thought, oh those are weird.  However, I thought the dot markers might be good for Isaac's motor skills so I bought a set.  He LOVES them.  He begs to do them every day.  Yesterday he stayed with grandma for a while and I asked if he wanted to take a toy...no he wanted to take "school" he said, and wanted to take his markers and sheets.  So I printed him off a stack of sheets of various letters and he happily took them along!

Also excited to say that the train patterns and dot markers combines the kid FINALLY got the AB pattern.  SO excited.  I wasn't worried but I am so thrilled to see him picking up a new skill that he didn't know a few weeks ago!

You can also use the dot sheets for stickers, fingerpaint, and magnets.  Use your creativity!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

C is for Candy

C is for Candy.  And camping, and (birthday) Cake!

If you are following my blog you can tell that this week was birthday party week so school was cut short, but we did get some work done and he's already familiar with "C" so we are good to move on..next week.  We are recovering. 

We did C for Candy.  We counted M&Ms (counting, colors, instruction following, and yummy!)  We did some matching sets with candy theme, candy patterns.  We did a matching game with stickers on the bottoms of Hershey's kisses. And we ate our matches!  (Sadly he beat me.)

Next week all the parties are over and we can move on.  To...D for Dinosaur!  I'm excited!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A

Here is my opinion on Chick Fil A.  (And trust me, I'm so tired of the hoopla.)  I'm not writing this for any kind of debate so don't bother. 

I ate at Chick Fil A yesterday on "Appreciation Day."  I'm not "homophobic"  I'm not a "hate monger"  But..those who call Conservatives who believe a certain way certainly are.  A person makes a statement, to the effect of the fact he supports traditional marriage, but believes in equality for all regardless of sex, race, etc and suddenly he must just hate all gay people, I mean really, thats the ONLY thing he could mean right?  It says it right there...all gay people are just deplorable.  That's pretty much the Liberal logic.  Stuff like "I hope everyone who eats Chick Fil A get cancer and die."  that is just a loving tolerating statement.   I feel the love right there. 

You dont like it, fine dont eat there.  But seriuosly, I dont get the bashing of people.  I like chocolate cake, I dont think all white cake eaters should die....(oh wait, is that going to be taken as a racist statement?)  I dont like Obama, I am not racists.  I like Chick Fil A and support traditional marriage, I am not homophobic.  I am pro breastfeeding, I do not think all moms who use formula are horrible parents.  I am a Christian, I have friends who are not. 

Lets all just get along...Chick Fil A lovers and haters.  That is all.  Eat More Chikin'...or not! 

(Really, its times like this and stuff like this that make me want to move even further out in the boonies and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist..period.  If I ever go disappear you know I'm deep in the Ozark Mountains...)

Happy First Birthday James!

My little Jamsey-poo.  Today you are ONE!  You have been through so much in just a year.  Your personality was evident as soon as you decided to be born.  You had to be the center of attention and attempted to steal your brother's birthday.  Mama overruled and you got your own birthday and your own month, barely.  When we wouldnt let you be born you decided to kick your way out quiet literally.  And here you can, all 2lb2oz of you!  What your brother did, you did more, bigger, better, longer.   I admire your strength, and laugh at your need to be center of attention, watching you grow will be fun.

You gave me several first, even though you are my second baby...you gave me my first ambulance ride, first hospital stay (of a week!), first surgery.  You also pushed me to become a stay at home mom, which was a wonderful decision.  Now, I dont get to do allt he crafys and houskeeping I imagined because you will not be happy anywhere but with/on me, but one day I'll look back on these days and smile and miss them.  You are truely my mama's boy.

You are my first to get to breastfeed solely for a year (plus).  You were/are my champion nurser.  You do what I am told shouldn't be able to be done, a 3 month old baby who had never nursed took right too it like he'd always done it and refused bottles.  You amaze everyone.  Thank You, son, for making something easy! haha

You are my climber.  My crawler.  My into everything baby.  You are such an opposite of your brother.  The coming years will be interesting.  You do however, admire your brother.  He got your first laughs and first smiles.  Continue being close to him, it will serve you well one day. 

Happy First Birthday James-y!