Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes..I have my hands full...your point?

Life is hectic and fabulous.

Isaac is a sponge and his favorite exclamation at the moment is "Im learning!" Along with a big excited hug.  He also loves his speech therapy except when she wants him to say words to which he tells her "let's not do that right now".  He's a hoot.  Still dealing with some sibling rivalry but you better believe he gets defensive if anyone even talks to his little brother.  Isaac is anxiously await the new baby coming out, every day he lifts my shirt and checks (not sure what he's checking) and says "nope more waiting"

James is a little mess.  He says "Muuummmm-eeee" 29 million times a day.  His vocabulary is exploding...just this week we've heard "pee bee" (peek a boo), ball, nan-uh (banana) along with puppy,kitty, bubbee, and chicken (which is what he calls all birds).  He's also started identifying eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.  And pretends to know his letters...everytime he sees letters he says "abc".  He can climb furniture faster than you can blink!

New baby is doing good, nice heartbeat in the 170s.  Almost 11 weeks along.  A few easy weeks coming up then we start our full fledged attack to keep that little one baking.  Starting with a cerclage (cervical stitch) and progesterone injections in about 6 weeks.  Then we'll go from there.  But whatever happens everything will be ok, this baby is a gift from God and He has his/her life already figured out.