Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Here

Yes, I'm still here.  Been super busy around here being mommy and getting caught up and doing all the things I used to read about doing online while at work! 

Boys are doing great.  Isaac is 3 years and closing in on 4 fast...too fast for me.  Trying to decide what our future holds, may be homeschooling!  Right now we are having fun with preschool homeschool and I love watching him learn and grow.  He's changing so much so fast.  He is all boy and loving the warm weather and spends most of his days outside, which means he comes in covered in mud and bug bites, just as a little country boy should.

James is almost 8 months old, still tiny at 11 lbs but sitting up, rolling over, eating baby food and all those other things and doing fabulously.  He also enjoys sitting outside watching me and brother work in the garden and go for walks.

Both boys had a rough winter though, little James needed hernia surgery, nothing unexpected as we were waiting for it since he was a couple days old.  He came through marvelously and just desired a couple days of Tylenol and extra snuggles.  Shortly following his recovery after Isaac felt warm one evening and had a slight temp, about about 5 minutes after giving him Tylenol he froze mid laugh and began having a seziure and turning blue.  He got to finally have that ambulance ride he'd been begging for...turns out it was "just" a febrile seizure from a sore throat he never mentioned....

So we are looking forward to Spring, refreshing, renewing, and this new phase of our life.  Things are getting "normal" and before I know it I'll be planning this summer's birthday parties.  Isaac is begging for RescueBots (he WOULD pick the new show that I cant find stuff for) and James will get sock monkeys. 

And maybe I can blog more...Maybe some of the fun stuff we are doing.  I'm thinking of doing a blog series on Search and Rescue for parents to  use to help teach their kids what to do.  We are involved in Search and Rescue as a family though several venues and after the frustration in the egos of authorities in dealing with missing kids, I'd like to share info to empower parents and kids.  But I wont derail this blog...just saying stand by.