Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Smart Boys

Isaac has always been a smart boy and I love seeing his skills grow.  He is going to love Kindergarten!  His motor skills and tracing are greatly improving.  He's holding his pencil/crayon/marker correctly most of the time.   He knows almost all his letters.  He can count wonderfully.  He can do simple math.  He's finally decided coloring isn't too awful of a thing and actually attempts to color correctly now.  He's still not a huge fan of it but that's ok, Im actually getting correctly colored sheets home from Sunday school!  He's beginning to be interested in "what letters say that word." 

James on the other hand loves coloring.  He finds markers and crayons and paper and begs to color.  He usually ends up with a colored face as well but they are washable so we're good. 

New baby is smart too..just growing, chilling out, making mama nervous about how he/she will write his/her exciting story...Im hoping its not too exciting and filled with new(normal)experiences.