Monday, April 30, 2007

Wonderful Weekenf of Turning 24

I had the best weekend ever! Klay made my birthday wonderful! Here is a recount...

Saturday...I am awaken my a very off key hubby singing "Happy Birthday" while still half asleep. I roll over, give him a sleepy kiss and we snuggle back to sleep. (*sigh* married life rocks!). We then get up and get ready. Klay takes me to Sonic for breakfast! Then we go shoe shopping! I needed new boots. We find them at Tops Shoes and they are only $36! Which means....I can also buy some new sneakers with my birthday money (ones that dont squeak!). So we went to Belks for those. We then drove around town doing whatever we wanted! We stopped at Stoby's for lunch, hit pawn shops, the candle factory, and drove home the "long way". Then we picked up Zoey and went to go geocaching. Our GPS is so old (1995 hand me down) that we didnt find what we were looking for but thats okay, still fun! Then went and ate dinner at mom's. Mom and dad got me a wonderful wrought iron picnic table and two chairs! And Justin got me my 4 red azalea bushes for the front of my house! Then they had to be delivered! By this point I am worn out and go to bed early. While in bed we hear sirens (this is a rural area so everyone goes to the window and looks when you hear such things) so we turn on the scanner (which at that point had no back because the batteries exploded earlier in the day!). And drunk ran off the road at the end of our street. Why was this fun...because Air Evac landed to take him to the hospital! That was fun to watch! (Not to worry, the guy was no seriously injured, he just had some head trauma and was drunk!). the fun's not yet over. We woke up early and painted the trim in the office so we could get it back together. Yes, I skipped church again but I HAD to get the house back together and my time was not in abundance. After that we decided to try geocaching again (or just go hiking) so we went to Strawberry Bluffs! We found our geocache, took some amazing pictures, and had a great time! We vowed to return when I didnt have a weak foot, hiking on bluffs is a bad idea when you have just gotten over a broken foot, I am still paying for that trip today! Then we went to Klays parents, then his sisters to get her broken scanner so Klay could Frankenstien them back together! We got pizza, and went home and got the house a little more back together! Its almost done!!

So now I am at work....still relishing in the great weekend. As soon as Klay gets the camera dock hooked back up I'll post some pictures of our adventures.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Choose To Be Happy!

I started out having a very bad day. I was grumpy, moody, mad at the world, feeling like dog poop on some guy's shoe. So my original intent was to come on here and vent my heart out. First I vented to my good friend Sarah and just talking to her helped. But I was still on the verge of tears and grumpy. But then a light came on (Sarah, you must have prayed for me too huh?) I kept thinking, I just wanna be happy. Then the little voice in my head said "Hey goofball, just be happy then!" So I made a choice, I CHOOSE to be happy today. So in honor of that I am going to make a list (thanks for the idea Amber!) of the good things.

1. I have very pretty flowers sitting on my desk that smell good! AND a candle that smells good for when the flowers are gone. Who can be grumpy with daisies and roses staring at ya?

2. My puppy has been accident free for two days now! Go Zoey!!

3. We had a nice dinner of T-Bone steaks last night for father in laws birthday! With sides from Cracker Barrell! YUM!

4. I am losing weight!

5. My work is caught up so I can blog guilt free!

6. I have a pretty new floor in my hall and office. Yes the trim isnt down, and yes I have power tools in the kitchen, and yes I cant walk through my house but...I have a floor, it will be done eventually and I CAN walk.

7. I am happy because Crystal Light makes those yummy little things to go in your water so I dont have to drink plain water plus it has caffiene so drinking your water is like drinking a coke only better for you!

8. I have friends who will listen to me vent and be shallow and selfish and not feel the need to tell me how horrible and selfish and shallow I am and dont tell me to get over it. They just listen and pray for me and love me even with all my faults.

9. And even though I feel frumpy today, if I did my laundry I would actually have nice clothes to wear.

10. That even though I cant wear my super cute brown shoes anymore, because they are too tight and hurt my foot, I have the option of having another pair to wear. Who says pink and white Nike's dont match everything?? Even black dress pants!

11. In 5 minutes I get to go home and have lunch with my husband. This makes me 'specially happy cause for the past two+ months I have had to sit and wait for him to come get me. Now I can go on MY time!

12. I have a nice car that I love to drive to get me around places. I really love my car, i dont care what anyone says.

13. And even though my family can drive me crazy. My aunts, uncles, cousins, granparents, parents, brother, everyone. I am very grateful to have family that lives 5 minutes away. I dont have to travel across the country to see them every couple of years. And even though they seems to not like me too much sometimes, thats okay. You cant make people like you-and if you have to make them like you do you really want them to like you anyway? If they liked me would I like myself then? Probably not. So as long as a few people in this world like me, I'm okay.

14. We are planning a family. Hopefully soon I will be able to be expecting a little one. And I dont care about the cost, or the hard work, or the sleepless nights, or the terrible twos, or any of that stuff. Besides, what good is anything that doesnt come with a cost? Marriage thats, hard too but hey, I am not complaining there...I really dislike it when people try to discourage you from things....what do they really know?

15. I have a sexy husband who is all macho. :-)

16. I will be 24 years old Saturday and I seem to be doing pretty good for myself.

17. Its noon on Thursday and that means its almost the weekend. Which means its almost May. Which means its almost June which means.........well...I wont make that one public, most of you know already!

18. And...and....well I better stop its time to go home.

So...Don't Worry...Be Happy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

National Administrative Professionals Day

Look at what my bosses sent me!! How Sweet!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Rambling Mess Known as Today's Blog

I am in an "old fashioned" mood today. I get these occassionally. Where I wish for the simple life. I wish I was at home, in a prarie skirt, barefoot, baking bread with the windows open. But alas, I am far from that, I am sitting at work, in jeans and sneakers, typing on the computer. Even though I love taking care of my home, I am not sure I am the "stay at home" type. I love being a good wife, and hopefully a good mom sometime soon, but I also love my job. Don't get me wrong, I am definately NOT the "career-woman." But I do enjoy my job, and I just dont think I'd get much done staying at home. Sheesh, when I am home on the weekends I am just lazy! I think I do better being on a tight schedule. Is that insane? Maybe my mindset will change when I have a baby. But then that brings on a whole new set of quandries. I feel in someways it is "expected" for me to be a stay at home mom, that that is how "good Christian women" do it. But seriously, where does it say that in the Bible? It looks like to me the Proverbs wife had a job! Are SAHMs better moms? Will my child be warped because he/she stays in daycare? I know a little boy who's mom stays at home (Phillip) he is a holy terror! I know a little boy the same age whose parents work (Liam). (Now his mom may disagree but I have never seen him scream and kick for an hour straight because he didnt get what he wanted. Nor have I seen him kick his legs out and fall down flat on the floor screaming because he couldnt have a certain thing.) My mom worked when I was little, I turned out okay. I think it comes down to what happens at home AFTER the day at work/daycare. Does Jr. get plopped down in front of the tv with a bottle full of coke and a bowl of Lucky Charms and ignored? What about the weekends? I think what matters is what you do with the time you have. It really bothers me when people try to tell me what is the 'best' thing to do. Do they know my life so intricately that they know whats best? Is my life so much like theirs that their solution will work for me too? But, anyway, I am rambling now.

I'm ready to plant my garden. Maybe this weekend when things slow down. Or maybe next week.

I am walking almost normal today AND I drove again. Little to no pain. I am excited about that.

My flooring is in, tonight we will do the trim. Then put things back together. It will be nice to have things together, they havent been "normal" since February (or before). When its together I plan to have friends over for dinner and a movie or a game. I have been really wanting to play a fun board game or couple game. Any ideas?

Monday, April 23, 2007

I did it!!

Today I drove to my self! This is the first time I have drove alone (and only the second time period!) since February 17th!! Go Me!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Flooring Has Finally Arrived

Its here, my flooring is finally here!! So tonight we MUST finish painting. I can't wait to get my house put back together and to see how pretty it is!

I've started a diet this week and I plan to stick to it. I am doing the SlimFast thing, at least for abit. And two days have gone pretty good. I feel skinnier already! HAHA

Aren't my blogs exciting and insightful?? :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Thoughts On Gun Control

In the wake of the shootings in Virginia, there have been lots of talk about gun control. And maybe its because I am from the rural South-but I don't think that limiting guns is the answer to solving problems like this. So here are my thoughts and ramblings on this issue.

When someone goes on a rampage and shoots people, they (they meaning the press and many politicians) immediately say "Oh then we shouldn't have guns. Lets outlaw them all!" However, when there is a terrible auto accident do we immediately jump to outlaw cars? Or if someone beats someone to death with a baseball bat, do we outlaw baseball bats? The gun is not the issue, its the individual. If a person wants to go crazy and kill people, they will get the gun (or baseball bat) from somewhere. I would like to see a statistic about how many guns are obtained through legal means in crimes. I would guess that most are not.

One reporter said last night something about the fact that there are more shooting now because kids grow up where "Daddy has guns in the house". I have to disagree with that one. I grew up with a Daddy that had guns in the house. They were locked in a cabinet with a glass front, with the key on top. I knew right where the key was and was sent to go get said gun when that pesky skunk entered the yard. I have no desire to go out and kill people! Hubby grew up with guns. He LOVES guns. He has several and wants more, he even wants some guns that are considered "assult" weapons. Why? Because he likes guns. However, he has no desire to go on a rampage and kill people!! We both plan on getting our concealed carry (as soon as we get our lovely set of his and her handguns), but we have no intention of shooting anyone! I hope to get mine and NEVER shoot it other than target practice, it would just make me feel safer.

On the note of concealed carry...hubby and I can't help but wonder, what would have been the outcome of the shooting at Virginia Tech if just one person had a concealed carry handgun? Would it have even happened if the shooter THOUGHT one person might have a concealed handgun? Just a thought...

I just think people are too quick to come up with a "solution" that really isn't a solution at all. This is not a real popular topic, and you may disagree with me. Just blame in on my Southern roots. Or blame in on the fact that I am a hillbilly. Or just agree to disagree. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion (but thats a whole 'nother blog!).

I would like to add, I am very saddened by the massacre at Virginia Tech. This rant is in no way meant to downplay the tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved. The families, the friends, the law enforcement, everyone touched by this tragedy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Weekend and Ramblings About Babies

I had a very nice weekend.
Saturday we worked on the house and I did a gazillion loads of laundry, but its all done but one load! YAY!!! But the inlaws came over and helped on the house so we got a bunch done. Our flooring still isnt in, but we discovered that out of the five boxes he gave us to "get started" only one is right! Good thing we waited before we started putting it down! They say it will be here today or tomorrow...not holding my breath, it was supposed to be here last Monday!!

I got most of the hallway painted "snowshoe" last night, except for the parts above my reach, no ladders for me. I think I will also need to do a second coat. Hubby primed the office so tonight we can paint it "alfalfa".

Sunday we went to Anna's 1st Birthday Party. She is growing so much! She grinned and flirted with hubby and he flirted back. He actually held her and played with her and seemingly enjoyed it! She definately cause a "flare up" of my baby bug!! And my friend made the comment "maybe we can be pregnant together" I asked her if she was trying to tell me something and she just said "I dont know". HHmmmm......

I hope I will be pregnant soon. I know there are those who try for months, years, and have a very hard time. I honestly hope I am not one because I am very impatient. Or maybe I will be in order to learn a lesson, but I sincerely hope not. Our current "plan" is to wait until June, then start trying. However, I will be suprised if we make it that long. We always move sooner than planned. (for those of you who know our wedding know what I mean...our "probably in the summer" wedding date, became Spring Break - 6 months after our first date!) I quit taking my pill last month with the idea of "using other stuff". However, we havent used much if any "other stuff" and hubby is being very "affectionate". I think he is too chicken to just "go for it" so I think he just wants an "oops". HAHA But its still exciting!!

Part of the idea of it scares me. I know so little about babies and pregnancy and such. What if I "mess up." I barely know how to hold a baby! How am I going to know when to feed it? How long do you feed breast milk? Whats the deal with formula? When do they get cereal? What are you supposed to do and not do while pregnant? Will I be a bad mom if I work and leave the baby with daycare or with grandparents? I'm already an emotional wreck, will I get post partum depression and go crazy? Will I yell at my child when I "lose it"? Will my dog and cats be "good to the baby"? Will I have to get rid of my "other kids"? It makes my head spin!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Work, First Birthdays, but no Floor!

Still no flooring! But the fact that my dear hubby called instead of me about the incorrect box, alerted them that we are slightly unsatisfied! So hopefully we will get a slight price cut! Since its been over a week since it was supposed to be here! I am trying to give the benefit of a doubt, that maybe its a supplier issue. I hate it when my clients get upset with me when its the company causing the hold up. But its still frustrating to have a torn apart house! But I still have tons of painting to do so we really weren't ready to put the floor down yet anyway.

But right now I am at work. And I have been here almost 2 hours without so much as a phone call, much less a client. The filing is all done. And all my work is caught up. Its very quite.

This weekend is my friend's baby's First Birthday Party! Since they already had the family party its going to be just us five. I got her the cutest little folding chair for camping (which we are already planning) or for in the house. It is pink with Disney Princesses on it (did you expect any less from me!). I am really looking forward to hanging out with them. Happy Birthday Anna! Maybe next year you will have a little friend!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Raing and Pouring

If it rains, you gotta know its going to pour! Two weeks ago our hot water heater sprung a leak and soaked the carpet in the hallway. Well, I didnt want to spend the money on the new water heater but the idea of an insurance claim check helping me get rid of that disgusting carpet was very appealing. So we ripped it up, and went and picked out our new oak laminate flooring. And while we were at it we decided to run it into the office as thinking right? Also we decided that while the flooring was gone and the trim ripped off we'd repaint the hall and the office...again smart right? Well...the floor was supposed to be here Tuesday. Wednesday "our order" comes in. But it is only 5 boxes, we needed 11. The guy who took our order neglected to even turn it in so it never got ordered! No sweat, the rest of the order will be here Thursday (those trucks run all the time ya know!). So here it is Friday, 1/4 or less of the hallway is painted, the trim and all carpet is ripped up (we have a lovely concrete floor as of now), the entire office (which is roughly 5 desks and 5-6 computers, 3 printers, and all hubby's 'supplies') sits in the living room (since the spare bedroom is full of all the rest of the stuff) and the flooring still is not in. And today we discovered that 1 of the 5 boxes we do have, is incorrect!

I have also learned that painting with a cast on is harder than it looks! Just because they call it a walking cast or boot or whatever, does not mean that you can just hop and skip around like normal! And just because the doctor says you can "start wearing a shoe" doesnt neccessarily mean that you want to or that it feels like normal!! garbage disposal broke! And there is alittle bowl under the sink to catch the drip until we can replace it. But looking on the brightside....all those little tasks we kept meaning to do....we are now being forced to do them out of neccessity!!

So the moral of the story....1) do not break your foot! 2) do not let your water heater leak! 3) Do not destroy your house until you know you have something to put back! 4) do not destroy the house and take forever to put it back while your wife has a broken foot and PMS! :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Just A Girl

This is my first attempt at this. So bear with me with the changes. This blog is about life. My life. Which I think is 'pert near' perfect. My life is nothing fancy, I'm just a girl. Married to my best friend. We have a nice house, in a nice neighborhood. We have three nice pets. We have nice jobs that we enjoy. We aren't rich, we aren't poor, we are just happy. I'm not too deep of a thinker, although sometimes I suprise myself. There's no telling what you will discover while reading this blog. So sit back and enjoy. Laugh with me, cry with me. This is just a glimpse of the life of a girl!