Monday, June 25, 2007


I knew the day would come, everyone warns you of it, the day that your wedding rings no longer fitt . The day you quit wearing one and everyone knows you are married because you "just look like it". The day you no longer look at your left hand and get all giddy about your "bling bling." I love my wedding set. Its pretty, it makes me happy. But unfortunately it also cuts off the circulation to the rest of my finger and I come to tears when I try to take it off. Everyone told me this day would come, but I didnt expect it to come two short years into my marriage. Yet, another woe is me on the weight gain.... My wedding rings, my prized jewelery possession, the symbol of my hubby's love to the world....will now probably be residing in a box because I am too fat to wear is cruel sometimes....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm a Good Wife...and I am not June Cleaver!

I'm not June Cleaver. Somedays I wish I were. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. I'd love to meet my hubby at the door, in an apron and pearls (hmmm...that'd make for an interesting evening, but I shall not blog about that). I'd love to greet him with a kiss, take his briefcase, and tell him dinner will be ready in just a bit. However, our "welcome home" routine is somewhat different.

Somedays he gets home first and I am greeted by an anxious little dog jumping clear up to my shoulder sometimes. (If she could talk she'd be saying "Mama, its been 4 hours since I've seen you. I thought you'd abandoned me". ) If I get home first I take her O-U-T (a word we spell unless we inted to do just that). Then I proceede to change into my comfy clothes and tackle the kitchen. Loading the dishwasher while making dinner. When hubby comes home HE is greeted by the dog (she greets the last person home in the above referenced manner). I get a quick kiss and return to my task at hand, meal prep.

Making dinner...I'd love to make everything from scratch. I went through a phase where I attempted just that. I made seasoned rice mixes from scratch, no prepacked stuff for me. We ate wholesome whole grains, unprocessed foods, lean meats. Everything made by my hands. No frozen entrees. No add water and bake mixes. Sounds good, whats the problem you ask. The problem is, on Wednesday night-church night-I'd say "Oh I'm in a hurry, I'll grab Taco Bell." Or "Its Friday, I dont feel like cooking so lets have KFC" Or, "I need to work on laundry, I'll pick up a pizza." You get the picture, everytime meal time came and I was tired there was nothing super easy to fix! Oh where were my hamburger helpers, my frozen pizzas, my boxed dinner kits? They were no exsistent in my "healthy, happy, housewife" kitchen! So now I modify, I buy big bags of rice, cans of staple veggies, and lots of "ingredients" but I also buy Hamburger Helper, Frozen Pizza, Heat and Eat Entrees. I've decided that $5 for a meal for two for a good frozen entree is much better for us than $12.50 from Taco Bell.

Anyway, thats my deep enlightenment. I'm not June Cleaver but that doesnt mean I am not a decent wife. Many of you may be saying "well duh?" But for those of you who know me personally...the fact that I can say the above things and not beat myself up over it is a HUGE step.

So tonight for dinner...we'll either have "Paprika Chicken and Noodles" out of a Rachael Ray cookbook or "Zataran's Dirty Rice" out of a box. Either way, I will be doing my role as a wife by providing a meal for my family.

Monday, June 4, 2007

A wedding, a pool, and late night KFC..weekend higlights

My weekend was quite nice. I'll start the tale out with Friday, since Friday is the end of the work week.

Friday: Was a crazy crazy crazy day!! It was the first of the month. A Friday. AND a full moon (I kid you not this does make a difference....). I did go to lunch with Amy on Friday, which was great. She called me Thursday night and invited me to lunch not five minutes after I uttered the words to Klay "I'm going to call Amy her after dinner and see if she wants to go to lunch." After worked I landed at Brittany's to help her get ready for the wedding. Made up a ton of butoniers (sp?) and corsages. I was actually quite proud of my handiwork! I also was quite proud of the fact that I took all the pink decorations left from my wedding and made the orange, yellow, purple, white, and pink. Did you know that you can just pop off pink roses and replace with yellow daisies? As I was getting ready to leave her dog fell ill, and after an emergency call to my vet and late night trip to WalMart and my forcing the little think to drink Pepto, he seems to be doing much better. I went home and crashed into bed to rest before another eventful day...

Saturday...I slept a little later than I should have. Then learned what spilt water on a tile floor will do (make it slick) and then learned exactly how hard a tile floor is (very hard). I now have a sore knee and bruise (on my good leg) to show proof that I learned that lesson. Thus starts my day on Saturday. I spent all week praying for the rain to hold off, and it did. We got everything all decorated up, things looked very nice in my opinion. I hope Brittany was as happy with it as I was! So Brittany and Jeramey got married. I wished I would have had pictures to post, but...I forgot to tell Klay to bring the camera, he brought it anyway, but forgot to tell me that he did! So the camera sat in the car...Then we ate...and boy did we eat! After smelling the BBQ all day long, being exhausted, it was a good meal! So we cleaned up, which was not half as much fun as setting up! Then we went home and crashed foot and knee were telling they had all they could take. So...the rest of the evening was spent curled up on the couch watching GI Jane.

Sunday....still a little (alot) sore so I stayed home from church to rest my poor foot. We watched The Fugitive Sunday morning and relaxed. Sunday afternoon, I cleaned house (a little) and Klay started setting up our pool! Yippee!! I cant wait!! Its finally warm enough to use it! Then we visted all the families. Got KFC on the way home...word to the wise, do not go to KFC 5 minutes before they close...they will give you evil looks, give you 4 wings instead of a breast. Clean the floor with a spray hose while they fix your food, and the food will be cold and tough and make you sick!

So here I am today, feeling kinda sicky still from my chicken...I think I will re-think my late night chicken and mashed potato craving and replace it with a craving for a burrito or something!!

Now its Monday morning, I miss the weekend, it was fun. But tomorrow Amy will come over for our movie night! YAY!! Then next weekend we will go ride 4-wheelers with her and her boyfriend...if they can find us a 4-wheeler...Summertime is here and I'm loving it!