Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Life is unfair.
Life sucks.

I'm going back to crawl in my hole and cry.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dress Project Update

Klay worked all weekend so I had a productive weekend of sewing.

Here is the underskirt. It still needs to be hemmed and some finishing work.

Here is the bodice in progress.
Font Bodice

Back Bodice

I'm currently working on the sleeves, so hopefully I'll have more updated pics soon! Its finally starting to look like something!

Off topic side note...please remember to pray for me tomorrow, I have a little test/procedure and I am kinda nervous about it. Its at 8:30, thanks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm bored. Its a known fact that my attention span is about that of a gnat, or worse. I get bored with things very easily. And right now I am bored with stress. I am bored with being stressed about this whole babymaking thing. I think I'll quit worrying about it and move on to worrying about more important whether or not I should cut my hair.

I want a new purse...I need to find a cute one. How can everyone but me find cute purses?

I think my makeup is too dark. I got some of that mineral make up (well the cheapy Cover Girl version) and I got a lighter color than I normally wear because it looked dark and now I think its too dark, not the right shade. But I do like it. My complexion looks better. But that could be because I am drinking more water and its a good time of the month for complexions.

I broke my diet last night and today. Last night I had a horrible horrible headache, almost to migrane level so I drank a Coke. Then Klay worked until 9:30 and since I had no idea when he'd be home I didnt start dinner (I did do some laundry and dishes though....go me!!)so we had Taco Bell...MMmmmm...Cheesy Gordita Crunch!! Then today, my tuna sounded so unappealing, I stopped and got chicken nuggets and a Root Beer....not just any Root Beer, a large...yes the whole 32ozs....the please I had from that first was worth it. Now to climb back up in the saddle and be better for the rest of the day/week.

I feel spastic today. Like when my Sims are in fast forward mode...I think I play too many video games!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My new project

At the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)( )conference in March, since it will be the 100th year, we are dressing in period costume.

My pattern.

My main fabrics. The Green goes where the gold would be, and the cream as the insert. It looks a little brown here but its really off white.

My laces and trim.

A close up of the trim to go all around the front and around the top of the sleeves.

The lace that goes all the way around the front.

The lace that makes the ruffled part of the sleeve

A better view of the sleeve lace so you can see the pattern.

So...whatcha think? Will I get it done? I'll update as the project goes along....

Just when I decide to cut it off....

Just when I decide to cut off all my hair it goes and gets cute on me...whats up with that!! So the great chop off is on hold...

Todays "cute hair"

The back of todays "cute hair"

I do like my natural curls when they curl good. I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Plus it takes 5 minutes to fix! No blow drying allowed! :-)

On a not so good note, another month and still no baby on the way. We are not taking crazy pills this month, instead its more tests. Please keep me in your prayer, I have an HSG next week. I wont elaborate on what it is too much, because some people dont want to know these things, however if you do want to know, ask Google. Plus hubby has to be tested too, which he is thrilled about. I was really stressed and aggarvated this morning but I have cooled off now and am going to be okay. I have a great doctor, great friends, and an awesome God. It'll work out.

Also, I am going on a Low Carb diet because thats what folks with PCOS are supposed to do. Its hard. I am also not consuming (too much) caffenine, and drinking more water. Klay bought me a water pitcher last night that makes the flavored water, that helps. And exercise, I really need to exercise more too.

I got alot done on the dress this weekend, I'm going to my Mother In Law's to work on it some more tonight. Maybe I'll post pictures soon. Its looking nice so far!

I hope it snows tomorrow...

Hmmm...I dont know if posted about my dress project here or not...dont think upcoming.

Friday, January 11, 2008

To cut or not to cut....

Okay...I need advice. Please be totally honest with me. Do I cut my hair or not?

This is my hair now. After blow drying, and hours of straightening and hair products. Without it you wouldnt want to see me. Trust me. Too much natural curl.

My delimma is, my hair now takes forever to fix and look decent. I could always wear it curley and look like this one.

But there is never a guarantee that it will "work". Some days it curls real nice, this was one of those days. Other days...well it looks like a rats nest. And then stands three feet high! Plus curley hair means morning washing, and leaving with it wet. Meaning you are taking a gamble on how its going to look by the time you get to work.

Here is how I most loved my hair. It still had to be blow dried and straightened a little, but not much. It took 20 mins to do it all. Blow dry the back until its "spikey", add a little gel, smooth down the front, done!

I like that color really well, although I could go back to blonde highlights...

Or I could always keep my natural brown, which really isnt TOO bad. But I do love the red...

So tell me what ya'll think. I cant decide. I mean I have been growing it out for a long time and its just now getting long but the longer it gets the worse it looks. Even when I spend hours on it. But I do like the pony tail factor...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Klays 27th - A Review

Klays Birthday-A Review Klay's birthday went well. There were no balloons and banner, he went with me to Wal-Mart and wouldnt let me get them. He did however let me get candles, but the cheater version "2" and "7" not 27 candles. However, his mom made the cake showed up with 27 indiviual candles, including one that played "Happy Birthday", so that made it better.

I'm really tired today, but happy because my house is clean (yay for entertaining!), its Friday, I'm off tomorrow, I'm going shopping tomorrow for the items for my next project (I'll hold you all in suspense until tomorrow - or whenever-I post about it!).

As promised, here's the
"Erin Original Easy Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Recipe"

Mix in a bowl:
2 cans cooked chicken, or whatever chicken you have on hand.
1 can Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chilies)
A good handful of cheese (chedder, co-jack, mexican blend, whatever)
A dash of onion powder
A dash of garlic powder

Roll mixture up in flour tortillas. About 8-10, depending on how much you fill them, and how much filling you came up with. Place in a 9x13 pan, sprayed with cooking spray for easier clean up!

Mix in a bowl:
1 container (8oz) sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup

Pour over the top of enchiladas. Top with more cheese. Top with sliced black olives. Bake until hot and bubbly!

I also made homemade Guacamole, it was yummy!

3 Boxes of Rice a Roni Spanish Rice is WAAAYYY too much, never listen to Klay when he says, "you better make four, I can eat a whole box by myself!" Well, I made three and we have rice running out our ears!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

I feel very rejuvanated. It's 2008. New year. 2007 is over and I can just forget all those crappy things that went with it. I did set up some goals for 2008.

* Dont break any bones
* Dont stress about stuff so much
* Keep my house a little cleaner
* Read more
* Enjoy life
* Get pregnant
* Be a little healthier

I'm going back to the gym soon. I havent been since I broke my foot. The companionship and the working out both will be good for me, physically and mentally.

I'm ready for Spring. The "good part" of winter, Holidays, is over. Bring on springtime. I"m ready to plant a garden. Be outside. Plant flowers.

I've given the whole baby thing to God. I didnt want to reliquish control, but it was more than I could handle and I want to enjoy life and stuff so I let God have it. Remind me of that in a few weeks when I try to take it back, okay?

I worked on my quilt some this weekend. I need to post new pics. Mom, still thinks I am making a mess of it. But hey, its mine, not hers. I'm getting ready to start a new project, a biggie, so stay tuned. (dont you love suspense?)

Tomorrow is Klay's birthday. We are having a FIESTA! I'm going to be cheesy and hang up balloons and abanner and buy candles. He'll hate it. (I'm so nice huh?) His whole family is coming over for dinner. I am cooking: Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Guacamole/Salsa/Chips, and a Chocolate Cake. Pics and maybe even a recipe or two to come.

I hear alot of talk about love languages. And I have come to realize, what the love language of our marriage is...teasing. If you just read a transcript of our daily conversations, you'd probably be apalled. But most things are said in a teasing, picking, mode and followed by a big grin and playful smooch. We really do kinda like each other.....