Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm bored. Its a known fact that my attention span is about that of a gnat, or worse. I get bored with things very easily. And right now I am bored with stress. I am bored with being stressed about this whole babymaking thing. I think I'll quit worrying about it and move on to worrying about more important whether or not I should cut my hair.

I want a new purse...I need to find a cute one. How can everyone but me find cute purses?

I think my makeup is too dark. I got some of that mineral make up (well the cheapy Cover Girl version) and I got a lighter color than I normally wear because it looked dark and now I think its too dark, not the right shade. But I do like it. My complexion looks better. But that could be because I am drinking more water and its a good time of the month for complexions.

I broke my diet last night and today. Last night I had a horrible horrible headache, almost to migrane level so I drank a Coke. Then Klay worked until 9:30 and since I had no idea when he'd be home I didnt start dinner (I did do some laundry and dishes though....go me!!)so we had Taco Bell...MMmmmm...Cheesy Gordita Crunch!! Then today, my tuna sounded so unappealing, I stopped and got chicken nuggets and a Root Beer....not just any Root Beer, a large...yes the whole 32ozs....the please I had from that first was worth it. Now to climb back up in the saddle and be better for the rest of the day/week.

I feel spastic today. Like when my Sims are in fast forward mode...I think I play too many video games!


Amber said...

I have a short attention span too, must be adult ADD. ;-)
Phooey on diets. ;-p
Ok, yeah, I don't really have anything useful to say, lol, but I'm feeling comment-happy today.

Kathryn said...

I got to have a purse made for my birthday last year. Wanted to let you know where I got it at. You can design your own, or buy one of the premade ones. They are awesome! I love em! I might get another one. Thanks for making me think of this!
They are called Mud Puddle Bags. She's a WAHM. Darn, can't do a link, here is the address

Kathryn said...

Shoot! That's annoying. I'm going to pm you on crosswalk.