Friday, November 21, 2008


Thankfulness. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Though most things are overshadowed by our own personal miracle.

So this year I am:
Thankful that I was able to get pregnant.
Thankful I never had morning sickness
Thankful that I never got miserably huge, I stayed at that "good size" and "cute"
Thankful that labor was pretty easy...seriously 8 minutes or less of pushing.
Thankful that the NICU transport team got to C'ville in time.
Thankful that I was able to "hold him in" for 2+ hours.
Thankful that in our childbirth class she decided to "touch on" breathing
Thankful he wasnt born at home.
Thankful that I only had to stay in the hospital for only about 12 hours.
Thankful for awesome family members that were all ready and waiting to help out.
Thankful for Kim & Bryan, Don & Pat, Mom and Dad,.....
Thankful for friends from around the world who sent cards and gifts and prayers.
Thankful for Jen, Amber, CW friends, FB friends, APA friends,....
Thankful for an awesome church who kept us lifted us up in prayer.
Thankful for Claude and Judy, Carol, Debbie,....
Thankful for Babies R Us nearby the hospital where I could "prepare" (aka play).
Thankful for the awesome nurses who put up with my calling every hour.
Thankful for Becca for being the first to care for Isaac.
Thankful for Kara, Debby, Dawn, Regina, Breda, Suzanne,....
Thankful for the neonatologists. Drs. Nestrud, Sotomora, Benton, & Zuerline
Thankful for the surgeon who fixed Isaac's heart.
Thankful for the eye doc who monitored his eyes.
Thankful for the physical therapists who worked with him
Thankful for the respiratory therapist who helped strengthen his lungs.
Thankful for the cleaning ladies who smiled and asked how he was doing.
Thankful for the receptionist who called me "hun"
Thankful for an awesome job that let me take off as needed.
Thankful for my bosses putting up with me crying at work.
Thankful for my clients who were truly concerned.
Thankful that after three months of bottles Isaac learned to nurse again.
Thankful for people who gave us places to stay in Little Rock.
Thankful for Jen being in LR so I'd at least have someone who in "town" to call.
Thankful for my awesome husband who told me countless times how proud he was of me, who supported me, let me cry, let me scream, let me sleep while he drove. Who stayed strong so I would stay strong. Who gave up his turns to hold Isaac so that I could bond and not have a nervous breakdown.