Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Carve a Pumpkin

First you pick the PERFECT pumpkin.

Then you let Daddy cut the top off.

The you scoop out the "guts"

You put the "guts" in a bowl!

Then you let Daddy do the carving.  See Daddy carving...

Ahhh...Daddy does a good job.

Then you must inspect the work of your carver...

Put in a candle and light it

The turn off the lights and VIOLA!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fun Fall Weekend

Had an awesome fall weekend.  It couldnt have been better.

Saturday, after I got off work.  We went and got lunch (Subway) and ate it in the park.  Then we took Isaac to the pumpkin patch!  He loved it!  They had it all nicely decorated with lots of cute scarecrows.  I tired to take pictures of them but everytime I'd turn around there was another one.  Now those of you who live in bigger area may laugh at our little podunk pumpkin patch, but I think its wonderful.  Local, family owned, and so much fun!

Their patriotic display is always my favorite.  And I like how it is always in a location of honor, off to itself and where everyone can see it. 

Then they had these cute thingies to put your head thru.  So of course we had to play along!

They also had this little tunnel thing for the kids to go thru.  We though he'd find it weird or spooky, or exciting.  No, my child just kinda walked right through it and was like um...ok, what now.  So we made him repeat it with us being all excited, like "ooo...wonder whats int here?  Oh, where did Isaac go!?"  Still nothing.

THEN we finally got to the pumpkins!  Lots of pumpkins to pick!  First thing we had to do was run circles in the patch...

Then the task of choosing just the right pumpkin.
Maybe over here is a good one...

Or this one.  It looks good.

Then the obligatory posing while I took pictures in the pumpkin patch.  No one was overly thrilled.

Then we headed off down the road a bit (at the same farm) to pick apples.  Isaac loved apple picking since apples are his most favorite thing.  I told him however, that the apples were dirty and we couldnt eat them yet.  So the moment we got home he began throwing them in the sink.  Kid ate so many apples this weekend (thankfully, today is "Daddy day" as far as diapers are concerned)

ANd lastly, since I love seeing how much he has grown.  I'll post the previous pumpkin patch pics. 

Year 1: No official Pumpkin Patch picture because I was too afraid to take him out of the house.  Sheesh, you'd think I was paranoid or something.  I mean he'd been home for the hospital like a whole two weeks! LOL

Year 2: My friend Sarah and her family were visiting so we went up there with her and her kiddoes.  Isaac was JUST learning to walk. 

Present Year: Isaac ran around screaming PUMPKIN!  And waved bye bye to all the scarecrows.  He was not impressed and thought they were just some weird people who were standing in his way that he didnt want to talk to.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Stuff

Yay, I'm feeling fall-ish! 

We have been sleeping with the windows open at night, the past couple of nights we had to close them AND use blankets.  It was nice!  Soon we'll be beyond fall and have a fire going in the wood stove (which means a pot of water simmering with cinnamon sticks on top too!) celebration of fall I've been doing fall things.

  • Using my crockpot.  All I know how to do in my crockpot is stuff like soups and stews and you are only supposed to eat those in winter and fall.  Right now there is a beef stew going in the crockpot and I have a lovely loaf of cheesy garlic artisan bread (on 50% off at Walmart since it had to be used by today!)  If you want some of my crockpot recipes, I have a recipe blog if'n ya didnt know.  Its here:
  • I learned to knit!  Knitting is fun.  I'm not overly great at it, it still requires me to stick the tip of my tounge out and say stuff like "let mama concentrate".  Isaac likes to walk up and touch my yarn and say "oooo...pitty." And "all done??"  I have some "pitty" homespun yarn that looks like watercolors to me, its actually called 'painted desert'.  I might actually finish my scarf by winter! Dont look too close at it, its uneven and I dropped a stitch early on and didnt want to undo what I had done so I just pretended it didnt happen.  

  • We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and apple picking.  I am wanting a whole bushel of apples.  I looked up recipes and I want to make 2 batches applesauce, 1 batch apple butter, and 1 batch "apple pie in a jar" jam.  And if any is left then maybe just some canned apples in syrup or apple pie filling.  And I want to puree and freeze pumpkin.  Never done THAT before but there is a pumpkin shortage.  (Its true, did you not know?  Scary! Washington Post)  I also want to carve a pumpkin and place a nice pretty round one on my porch! 
  • Halloween.  I'm not a big Halloween person, yet I still don't think me letting my kiddoe dressup, eat candy, and go on a hayride makes me a heathen either.  But I AM excited about Isaac dressing up as what has to be the worlds cutest dinosaur and go "rawr rawr".  Last year he was barely walking, this year he is also barely walking.  Its more like a RUN!  So I'm pretty's gonna be awesome!
  • Oh, and for those wondering and who love me.  I'm ok.  Physically pretty much nothing was going on.  Emotionally I'm recovering but going to be fine.  Forgive me if I dont talk about it much, but I do appreciate everyone's love and support.  God is good and has given me great friends and family and I love you all.  But God is also good and just and will use this for His Glory. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Took a super cute pic of Isaac Saturday night to post online.  Had the cute little boy holding a sign that said "Big Brother to B".  Sunday morning I deleted it because he was no longer a big brother to be.

On one hand I said "yay, well I can actually get pregnant"  but then the doc called and said that it was just a hormonal abnormality (most likely) called a chemical pregnancy, and there was never anything there.  Just my body being my own worst enemy and hating me. 

I'm ok.  I don't really feel like talking about it.  Don't take it personal. 

It sucks.  I hate it.  I am angry at myself for actually believing I was pregnant and making a big production over it.  I am upset that I got so attached to something that was never there.  Yeah I was dreaming and planning and thinking of names for a baby that was just a figment of my body's imagination in the attempt to make me suffer. 

So yeah, it sucks.  My heart hurts.  But I'll get over it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Guess That Makes Me a Prude

Well..I guess I am a prude and turning into a Grandma...but thats really ok with me.

Last year, you may recall, there was a Facebook sensation about posting your bra color to "raise awareness for Breast Cancer."  I found it silly, but played along in a tongue in cheek manner.  Surely people didn't think I changed my bra 15 times in one hour including things like lime green with glitter and coconut shells.  This year the "awareness" continues.  This time we are supposed to post where we like to put our purse to "keep guys guessing".  We are supposed to say stuff like "I like it on the couch." But not tell anyone what its about.  So we can " show how strong we are and raise awareness".  Seriously?  So since when does posting a sexual innuendo raise awareness?  Since when does keeping someone guessing raise awareness?  How does making guys think we like sex on the counter make them aware of Breast Cancer?  I would think if you wanted to make someone "aware" you would tell them what you are talking about?

Breast Cancer is a big deal.  Its kind of a serious thing.  Why play games with it?  This is juvenile and childish and just plain dumb, in my opinion (and since this is my blog my opinion is the bomb!).  I posted a link my my facebook encouarging women to do their breast self exams and showing them how.  If you are a facebook-er I encourage you to to do the same, rather than post where you "like it".

I'm not overly prudish.  I am not "offended" by the postings about your purse.  I do not gasp and turn my head.  If you want to play the game, go right ahead.  But don't fool yourself into thinking it has ANYTHING to do with Breast Cancer.   All it comes down to is tacking something that people feel strongly about onto something stupid to just see how many people jump of the bridge.  And sadly I have been seeing many people, whom I had great respect for as intelligent mature individuals telling me they "like it on the washer or dryer."

Additionally, when you post "I like it on the table" people DO immediately think sex.  They dont think "it" could mean anything.  When I first saw those I DID think sex until I caught onto what was going on and I do like to think I am not a perv.

Sad thing is...this will make the news most likely.  However what WILL NOT make the news is intelligent postings by Breast Cancer victims and families.  And encouragement to do and get breast self exams and mammograms.  Instead the news casters will be joking about where they "like it".  And THAT is the crux of the issue, things like this are egged on and that is why people play these dumb games.

I do not think Breast Cancer is a game or the least bit funny.  I lost an aunt/cousin (yeah, she was both) to breast cancer when she was 28 years old, leaving behind a young son.  I lost my grandmother to a heart attack following surgery for breast cancer.  I have an older cousin who survived breast cancer twice, and uterine cancer, and is battling cancer yet again.  I have two good friends whose mothers are breast cancer survivors.

So please ladies.  Don't tell me where you like to put your purse.  Don't bother changing your profile pic pink.  Just feel your boobies regularly and get checked if you notice anything odd.  I'd like to keep you around.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I had a great weekend.  Got alot of stuff done PLUS still relaxed.  Love it.

I have become addicted to making lists and keeping a notebook (which I forgot today and its driving me batty).  But I had several lists going and I got several things marked off!

  • Saturday Klay was out of town so Isaac and I headed to R'ville to run errands.  Our original plan included my friend and her kiddoes meeting us for lunch and some shopping...that didnt happen (like always-not her fault, but still frustrating) so we were on our own. 
  • We got the car detailed(they forgot when I bought it so they 'owed'me)
  • Dropped off three boxes of clothes at the consignment shop.  Awesomeness, that means three less boxes sitting in my basement!
  • Went to JC Pennys and bought me the winter coat I've been lusting after for years
  • Went to Bath and Body Works. We were out of handsoap and my manly husband, who wont use even scented bath stuff or "girly" lotion, loves BBW.   Go figure.  Had a coupon for a free lotion too,  SCORE!
  • Went to Hobby Lobby and bought craft supplies for church and for Isaac's robe.  My church class (Primary) and Isaac's class (Toddlers) were doing the first installment of Pastor Appreciation month and were giving them decorated gift bags with snacks for their "big" weekend getaway at the end of the month.  And making cards.
  • Went to lunch at McDonalds.  Yes, with a two year old by myself.  Went pretty well.  I was suprised.
  • Then went to Kroger and got groceries (oh how excited I am to finally ditch Walmart and use a REAL Grocery store) And..I stayed nicely under budget.  I've been trying to do better with menu planning and buying more "ingredients" and less boxes/packages.  I think I did well.  I got meat, veggies, fruits, a few "extras", and some basics.  Should make it go two weeks, and only spent $120.  
  • Then went home...picked up the house, read a little, cut out his robe.
  • Then my friend and kids came over with dinner.  It was nice to sit, eat, and chat and not worry about getting back to work.  Kids played perfectly.  
  • Then she left, we rocked, and Daddy came home. 

Sunday was also great.

  • Craft project and presentation for Pastor Appreciation (that my class and Isaac's class had to do) went pretty flawlessly.
  • Finished Isaac's Robe.
  • Read a little.
  • Did a little laundry.

Good weekend....

Today Klay is picking up our 1/2 a hog we had butchered, YAY for pork!

Here is my cute kid in his cute robe, which he picked the fabric for himself, and stood by my sewing machine jumping saying "rawwr rawwr" and "all done?" while I was making it.   He's been wearing it everywhere.  Love how he can now get excited over stuff I make him!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Homecoming Day!!

Today is October 1.  Its nearly 3 pm.  Pretty close to this exact time two years ago we were learning to put our baby in the carseat and finally making that walk down the hall, to the elevator, and out the door to go home.  Yes, go HOME.  ALL of us.  I didnt cry, believe it or not.  I held my breath (I was afraid the doc would coming running down the hall screaming about making a mistake and take him back).

After 63 days (thats over two MONTHS ya'll) life was finally "right".  Of course we werent average yet, we had a 6lb 2 month old.  Preemie clothes and diapers still didnt fit right.   Kid had cords attached to him.  But I could take him home.  If he cried I took care of him.  If he needed  a new diaper I took care of him.  If we knocked a monitor lead loose and the alarm went off nurses didnt come running.  It was just us.  Scary at time, but oh so nice.  We were afraid to sleep that night for fear something would happen, so we took turns watching him sleep.  

So today, two years later we celebrat.  We are having cupcakes and pizza and Isaac is getting a new toy!  Hooray!

Happy Homecoming Day Isaac!!!

Homecoming day two years ago...

Homecoming Day (approx.) one year ago!

Present Day!