Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Guess That Makes Me a Prude

Well..I guess I am a prude and turning into a Grandma...but thats really ok with me.

Last year, you may recall, there was a Facebook sensation about posting your bra color to "raise awareness for Breast Cancer."  I found it silly, but played along in a tongue in cheek manner.  Surely people didn't think I changed my bra 15 times in one hour including things like lime green with glitter and coconut shells.  This year the "awareness" continues.  This time we are supposed to post where we like to put our purse to "keep guys guessing".  We are supposed to say stuff like "I like it on the couch." But not tell anyone what its about.  So we can " show how strong we are and raise awareness".  Seriously?  So since when does posting a sexual innuendo raise awareness?  Since when does keeping someone guessing raise awareness?  How does making guys think we like sex on the counter make them aware of Breast Cancer?  I would think if you wanted to make someone "aware" you would tell them what you are talking about?

Breast Cancer is a big deal.  Its kind of a serious thing.  Why play games with it?  This is juvenile and childish and just plain dumb, in my opinion (and since this is my blog my opinion is the bomb!).  I posted a link my my facebook encouarging women to do their breast self exams and showing them how.  If you are a facebook-er I encourage you to to do the same, rather than post where you "like it".

I'm not overly prudish.  I am not "offended" by the postings about your purse.  I do not gasp and turn my head.  If you want to play the game, go right ahead.  But don't fool yourself into thinking it has ANYTHING to do with Breast Cancer.   All it comes down to is tacking something that people feel strongly about onto something stupid to just see how many people jump of the bridge.  And sadly I have been seeing many people, whom I had great respect for as intelligent mature individuals telling me they "like it on the washer or dryer."

Additionally, when you post "I like it on the table" people DO immediately think sex.  They dont think "it" could mean anything.  When I first saw those I DID think sex until I caught onto what was going on and I do like to think I am not a perv.

Sad thing is...this will make the news most likely.  However what WILL NOT make the news is intelligent postings by Breast Cancer victims and families.  And encouragement to do and get breast self exams and mammograms.  Instead the news casters will be joking about where they "like it".  And THAT is the crux of the issue, things like this are egged on and that is why people play these dumb games.

I do not think Breast Cancer is a game or the least bit funny.  I lost an aunt/cousin (yeah, she was both) to breast cancer when she was 28 years old, leaving behind a young son.  I lost my grandmother to a heart attack following surgery for breast cancer.  I have an older cousin who survived breast cancer twice, and uterine cancer, and is battling cancer yet again.  I have two good friends whose mothers are breast cancer survivors.

So please ladies.  Don't tell me where you like to put your purse.  Don't bother changing your profile pic pink.  Just feel your boobies regularly and get checked if you notice anything odd.  I'd like to keep you around.


Jen said...

Wow. First off, I tried to remember where my purse even WAS this morning and then I realized my status would say something like "I like it anywhere I can put it." This would not be appreciated by my dad, siblings, brothers-in-law, aunts, cousins, Sunday school teachers, the minister who married Cody and me, and on and on.
Secondly, I do not care about keeping guys guessing because I am not 15 and I do not assume every guy wants to guess anything about me.
Thirdly, I think we're all pretty aware of the devastating impact of breast cancer. I'd love to see people donate their time or money to programs that actually help women AFTER that mammogram result isn't what you thought it would be. I know all these "Save the boobies/ta-tas/whatever" slogans may take the edge of fear of for some people, but they also undermine the fact that men are people too, who care about women--not just their breasts.
Lastly (sorry for the novel): my favorite option was Saran Wrap last year. Watch out! Glad you posted a self-exam link.

TammyIsBlessed said...

I think I'm a prude too ;)

Julie said...

I too played along with the bra color even though it felt awkward. This time however... I was not impressed. Infact, I'm confused on how getting guys to think about sex (like they need help) has ANYTHING at all to do with breast cancer. I currently have a spot that I am watching and I don;t think it is a joke. Sorry if it's TMI but it is scarey.

Jen said...

I am prude too!

Jeanie said...

My MIL is a breast cancer survivor.

I'll join you in the prude category and I'll be proud of it.

Like the first commenter said, who wants all those people that hold some modicum of respect for you to think you're being a total doorknob, and acting like a 14-year-boy in a locker room conversation?

Traci S. said...

Not to completely leave guys out -- breast cancer affects men too.

DebbieLynne said...

Totally excellent post, Erin! No, you're not a're someone who sees when silliness is unwarranted. Sexual innuendo should never happen at all, but claiming it raises awareness of breast cancer is particularly repugnant! Thanks for telling the truth.