Monday, October 4, 2010


I had a great weekend.  Got alot of stuff done PLUS still relaxed.  Love it.

I have become addicted to making lists and keeping a notebook (which I forgot today and its driving me batty).  But I had several lists going and I got several things marked off!

  • Saturday Klay was out of town so Isaac and I headed to R'ville to run errands.  Our original plan included my friend and her kiddoes meeting us for lunch and some shopping...that didnt happen (like always-not her fault, but still frustrating) so we were on our own. 
  • We got the car detailed(they forgot when I bought it so they 'owed'me)
  • Dropped off three boxes of clothes at the consignment shop.  Awesomeness, that means three less boxes sitting in my basement!
  • Went to JC Pennys and bought me the winter coat I've been lusting after for years
  • Went to Bath and Body Works. We were out of handsoap and my manly husband, who wont use even scented bath stuff or "girly" lotion, loves BBW.   Go figure.  Had a coupon for a free lotion too,  SCORE!
  • Went to Hobby Lobby and bought craft supplies for church and for Isaac's robe.  My church class (Primary) and Isaac's class (Toddlers) were doing the first installment of Pastor Appreciation month and were giving them decorated gift bags with snacks for their "big" weekend getaway at the end of the month.  And making cards.
  • Went to lunch at McDonalds.  Yes, with a two year old by myself.  Went pretty well.  I was suprised.
  • Then went to Kroger and got groceries (oh how excited I am to finally ditch Walmart and use a REAL Grocery store) And..I stayed nicely under budget.  I've been trying to do better with menu planning and buying more "ingredients" and less boxes/packages.  I think I did well.  I got meat, veggies, fruits, a few "extras", and some basics.  Should make it go two weeks, and only spent $120.  
  • Then went home...picked up the house, read a little, cut out his robe.
  • Then my friend and kids came over with dinner.  It was nice to sit, eat, and chat and not worry about getting back to work.  Kids played perfectly.  
  • Then she left, we rocked, and Daddy came home. 

Sunday was also great.

  • Craft project and presentation for Pastor Appreciation (that my class and Isaac's class had to do) went pretty flawlessly.
  • Finished Isaac's Robe.
  • Read a little.
  • Did a little laundry.

Good weekend....

Today Klay is picking up our 1/2 a hog we had butchered, YAY for pork!

Here is my cute kid in his cute robe, which he picked the fabric for himself, and stood by my sewing machine jumping saying "rawwr rawwr" and "all done?" while I was making it.   He's been wearing it everywhere.  Love how he can now get excited over stuff I make him!


Jen said...

Yay for dropping off clothes and less boxes sitting in your basement, I have 4 bags of stuff I am ready to drop off some where!
Yay for the winter coat :)
Yay for hobby lobby .. this was first year I actually got to go to one...and I am in love with that place!
Isaac's robe is adorable!! You really are a crafty lady :)