Thursday, April 22, 2010


I havent been blogging in a while...I think its because I havent NEEDED to.  Which is a good thing.  Maybe I am finally healing.  I said from the beginning that this blog was therapy.  When I needed to get something out that no one really understood or "got" I would blog it.  It kept me from going insane and driving others insane reiterating the same laments over and over. 

The past couple of weeks I've felt happy.  Nothing big really going on, just happy.  Not that I was UNhappy before, just a different kind of peace and happiness.  I think alot of it comes down to choosing to be happy.  Even when things are insane, you have the choice to be happy or depressed.  Been having this discussion with some friends alot here lately.  Its all about perspective and what you choose to feel.  Sometimes you just have to say it too, you may not believe it at that point, but saying it over and over and telling yourself that you are choosing to be happy, eventually you'll believe it. 

Be thankful for your troubles.  When you dishes are all dirty, be thankful you had the food to dirty those dishes.  When the laundry piles up, at least you know you had clothes on your back.  When your kid is screaming chasing the dog around the house with the plastic hoe, choose to be thankful that your child is physically able to do said antics.

Oh yeah....and no post is complete without a pic of the world's most handsome kiddo...