Thursday, September 30, 2010


I read books.  Well I CAN read books.  I should read books.  I'm trying to read books.  I watch too much TV and play too many computer games.  Went to the library today, I started Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (I've already read book #1).  I LOVE the dedication in this book, makes me tear up a little and smile alot...

"To Lucy Barfield
I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books.  As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still.  But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.  You can then take it down from some upper shelf, dust it, and tell me what you think of it.  I shall probably be too deaf to hear, and too old to understand, a word you say, but I still shall be
Your affectionate Godfather
CS Lewis"

Never too old for fairy tales....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crafting/Sewing Project List

I'm in a list making mood.  (Thank You Jen for the notebook idea...I am now making tons of lists in a notebook, and guess what...I'm getting stuff done!)

Here is what is in my crafting queue!

Christmas Presents for Kayla and Isaac.  The hooded robe.  Isaac still loves his hooded towels even though he has way outgrown them.
Well Isaac's may not wait until Christmas since he really needs his now.

A Robe for me. I've been wanting/needing a short robe and have never found one I am crazy about.  But isnt this just the cutest!  And I LOVE sewing with fleece, SO easy!

A laptop bag that I have "ordered."  Though she said not to get in a hurry on it and she still has to pay off her first bag first.  But I am anxious to try this new pattern.

These pumpkins...however they are started and ALMOST finished.  Though mine dont look near that good!

Disclaimer: This are NOT my original photos...Patterns are McCalls and Amy Butler.  Pumpkins from THIS Blog.  ;-)

Buh Bye TV!

We cancelled TV in our house.  Okay, thats not totally truthful...we WILL cancel TV in our house tomorrow.  We havent used it in two weeks except for ONE show that we cant find online that ended last night...we though what is one more week to finish it up.  We'll watch it tonight, then BUH BYE!

There are still shows we enjoy, but we found them all online, for FREE, so um...why pay $60 a month for TV?

And I must say it has totally changed our household.  We are less stressed, more productive, more interactive with each other.  Its been a great thing. 

I've been crafting.  We've been playing some video games (which is better to me than vegging out at the boob tube).  We've been eating dinner, at the table, without the TV going.  Isaac is talking more (be it age or TV, I dont care, I'll take it).  We have routines now!  There are moments in our house that the TV is NOT blaring...silence...  My house is picked up more.  Its nice.

Sure we still watch several shows, I'm not totally stopping watching TV, its just more a deliberate attempt to sit down and watch something, not the have the stinkin' thing on just because its the thing to do.

I'm curious to what the total savings from this will be...not only are we saving $60 a month (a net of $50 if we decide to do Netflix).  But the  TV is one of the old school big ole things (not flat screen) so I KNOW its zapping the energy.  What we have been watching has been on the computer monitors (flat screen) which 1) would be on anyway and 2) use much less power.  Excited to see our electric bill (also since the AC has been off for three days straight too!) 

I feel so revitalized.!  Of course our family thinks we are wacko and "wont be able to handle it".  So what, its not like the end of the world.  If we decide we DONT like being without it its not like we'll just die.  AND...if we want it back we'll get the "new customer" specials!  Its win win!

Stay tuned for my crafting list post!  I have lots of great things in my queue!  I've been making lots of lists!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Car

I got a new car yesterday. 

I LOVE it.

My Jeep was a piece of JUNK!  Literally.We've had it a little over 1 1/2 years and its been in the shop (under warranty) three times.  Twice for the same issue.  THe other time was for a "known issue" that Chrysler never addressed until called on it.  The issues...the soft top just quit closing one day for no reason (and I didnt even ever USE it) the other issue was it leaked around the back hatch and antenna when it rained.  Thing only had 16K miles, what was going to happen when it got 50K?  100K and NO warranty?  So it went buh bye.

We wanted back in a Nissan.  Nissans have always been good to us, never had an issue. So we started casually looking.  I found a used, red, Pathfinder I was SURE I wanted.  I begged.  I pleaded.  Told hubby I REALLY wanted it.  Pointed out ever Pathfinder I saw on the road. But the numbers didnt work.  He suggested I look at something else.  I pouted.  I wanted the Pathfinder.  Then I was convicted.  So I told God (about this and other issues) that I was done.  I am no longer going to try to "run" things.  I was making myself AND my hubby miserable and being a real brat.  I told God he was in control.  I told Klay I submitted to him as the head of our household (and in charge of our finances) on whether or not we should trade.  He told me to keep looking on the dealers website for stuff I might want and when/if I saw anything to let him know.  So I checked periodically.  Then one day I saw a 2009 Nissan Rogue on the site, a little bit cheaper than the Pathfinder.  I mentioned it to hubby and he looked at it, told him I wasnt crazy about it being white but I wouldnt die over the color, but I think a red car would be cool.  He called me back and said...did you see the NEW (as in 2001) RED Rouge they have on the site for CHEAPER (as in a few thousand cheaper)?  No WAY.  No way, would a 2011 work into our budget.  I ran the calculators (I pouted).  But then I said, "Ok, God, if YOU want me in a new car then YOU will make it happen, so I am not going to worry about it, end of story). 

So yesterday we went to the carlot.  I was leary about getting enough trade in and the numbers working.  We had our "magic" number in our head of what the payments HAD to be (per our budget plus cushion room).  We pull up, he meets us out front with the key to the my DREAM car.  I thought, again, there is NO WAY I'm going to drive off in that car, and kept telling myself NOT to get my hopes way.  Drove like a dream.  We then came back, went in to talk "numbers."  Guy offered us trade in on the Jeep leaving us "upside down" of about $500. But our payments still were within budget, right at our "magic number."  We told him we would not be upside down on our loan and that was a no go and if he could give us just $500 more...he made a phone call and came back and said "Ok".  (Pick jaw up off the floor).  Now we were BELOW our "magic number."  So...we said ok!  Traded keys and she is mine!

Seriously.  I have NEVER EVER had a car deal go like that.  Its so cool that God cares about things in our like, even our cars!  Ok, some people will probably tell me that its silly to think my new car came from God, and maybe it is.  But I truely believe God was dealing with me in letting go and letting him handle things, as well as submitting to my husband (which I dont usually do, I usually just whine and try to manipulate him to getting what I want). 

Now I am working on letting go and submitting to God on other things.  Kinda excited to see what he has in store for me next.

My pretty new car!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures in Parenting

I had someone comment on a pic the other day and say she enjoyed seeing our "adventures".  Never thought of t that way, but being a mom IS an adventure.  For example this weekend...

Isaac discovered mudholes.

He started tromping through it and I though "ok, no biggie he is in his crocs and just a diaper, whats the worst that could happen?"  (yes, I had my kid outside in just a diaper, something I swore I'd never do).  Well, two seconds after walking through the puddle he plops down sqaure in the middle of it.  Oh joy...he is now soaked, muddy, and a good ways from the house (we had walked to the mailbox).  Oh, did I mention the reason he had on just a diaper is he had just gotten out of the bath?  And...that as soon as we got back to the yard he plopped down (still wet) in the sand box.  Oh yes...awesomeness.  BUT...he had fun, he's all boy, and this was much different than two years ago when he was in a sterile plastic box in the NICU!

Isaac also discovered stickers. 

He has always been weird about stickers, couldnt stand them.  Until he learned he could put them on his LEGS and see them quiet well.  So he proceeded to spend several minutes placing the stickers on himself.  He was so intent with it, he'd study his leg and then point and the spot he wanted it to go and then place the sticker there.  He had such an order about their placement. 

Isaac also loves the cat. 

He loves all animals really.  But Zippy is his bud.  When he came home from the hospital Zippy would sit and watch him.  And one night a few months ago Isaac was very sick with a very high fever, Zippy climbed in bed with him and laid with his paw on his chest (the one and only time he has EVER done anything like that).  Zippy is his guardian.  Though occassionally Zippy reaches his limit and Isaac ends up with a scratch or two, but he usually deserves them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two Years Ago

Today is Sept 8.  This day has a history of being a big day. 

20 years ago today I became a big sister (you decide if that was a good or bad event!  Depends on the day you ask me! haha)

2 years ago today my one month old baby was still sitting in the hospital.  My best friend delivered her first baby, a boy, I got to go see and hold him, which was joyous, but also a reminder that here I sat, holding HER baby, which she was taking home the following day, while mine was 100 miles away. 

Also, when I arrived at the hospital to visit my friend, I was met with the news that one of our very dear friends from highschool had lost her battle to leukemia. 

Strange feelings that day...happiness, sadness, disappointment, do you react?  The pain/happiness and confusion of feelings must have been evident...on the way home from visiting my friend and her new baby I called the hospital to check on Isaac, the nurse immediately asked me if I was ok.  It was nice to know they really did care about me, that moment she felt like the only friend I had. 

Today, is better than this day two years ago.  I woke up and sent a text to my friend telling her "Happy Birthday" to her two year old.  Kissed my two year old who was asleep in my bed, HOME!  And smiled, remembering our dear friend Laurie. 

And since I am tired of seeing a pic of me sans makeup when I get on here...

One of my favorite pics of Isaac, taken 9/9/08.  I think here is he asking his Dad when he can go home..

Friday, September 3, 2010


OK, so this really isnt the type of blog I normally do.  Because my self esteem is horrid and I hate pics of myself. was a challenge/game so I gave in.  Here are pic of my  "beauty routine"  I guess for it to be a routine though I'd have to do it daily...I dont wear make up that often.  haha

So here goes!

So..I roll outta bed (no pic there) and take a shower.  Freshly washed wet hair!

Today I decided to go straight.  If it was a curly day I'd scrunch and be done.  But today I blow dry it. 

But first I put on my moisturizer since it needs to "set" before applying make up and my skin is funky and tight and painful after washing my face.  I use pure Australian Emu Oil.

Then comes makeup (if I so choose that day). I use mineral make up from Mineral Basicss.  LOVE IT.  Kinda bummed they are closing and are for sale.  Hope someone buys it soon and keeps the product coming, but I stocked up so am ok for a while.

Just a bit of powder foundation (didnt feel like going into concealer and stuff today) and a bit of color on my cheeks.

Then some eye color, I used a natural browinsh color today.  I use go pretty simple and basic with eye color.  Wearing glasses it gets "lost" anyway. 

Add a dusting of finishing powder, a smidge of color to my lips (I dont do much lipstick, never reapply, more a chapstick kinda girl, but after make up I need some color back), some mascara and face is done!
Then on to taming the hair.  I didnt want it in my face so I straightened it and pulled it back.  Looks a little "severe" here, but it doesnt stay back that smooth and is much more "loose" and "soft" by the time I get to work!

VIOLA!  All done!