Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buh Bye TV!

We cancelled TV in our house.  Okay, thats not totally truthful...we WILL cancel TV in our house tomorrow.  We havent used it in two weeks except for ONE show that we cant find online that ended last night...we though what is one more week to finish it up.  We'll watch it tonight, then BUH BYE!

There are still shows we enjoy, but we found them all online, for FREE, so um...why pay $60 a month for TV?

And I must say it has totally changed our household.  We are less stressed, more productive, more interactive with each other.  Its been a great thing. 

I've been crafting.  We've been playing some video games (which is better to me than vegging out at the boob tube).  We've been eating dinner, at the table, without the TV going.  Isaac is talking more (be it age or TV, I dont care, I'll take it).  We have routines now!  There are moments in our house that the TV is NOT blaring...silence...  My house is picked up more.  Its nice.

Sure we still watch several shows, I'm not totally stopping watching TV, its just more a deliberate attempt to sit down and watch something, not the have the stinkin' thing on just because its the thing to do.

I'm curious to what the total savings from this will be...not only are we saving $60 a month (a net of $50 if we decide to do Netflix).  But the  TV is one of the old school big ole things (not flat screen) so I KNOW its zapping the energy.  What we have been watching has been on the computer monitors (flat screen) which 1) would be on anyway and 2) use much less power.  Excited to see our electric bill (also since the AC has been off for three days straight too!) 

I feel so revitalized.!  Of course our family thinks we are wacko and "wont be able to handle it".  So what, its not like the end of the world.  If we decide we DONT like being without it its not like we'll just die.  AND...if we want it back we'll get the "new customer" specials!  Its win win!

Stay tuned for my crafting list post!  I have lots of great things in my queue!  I've been making lots of lists!


TammyIsBlessed said...

We watch too much tv. But, we don't just watch for the sake of watching. We record stuff we want to watch and then watch together after the kids are in bed. We probably watch 2 hrs every evening though. Kinda of a lot.

I never watch during the day. The computer is my temptress then! ;)

Jen said...

Erin we and when I say we I mean Hubby and I have discussed this very same thing too, and we are ready to give up our tv service, which don't get me wrong we had directv and the service was lovely, but we don't need it most the shows we watch can be found on local channels, and we can watch alot of stuff online which is where we normally are after long work days... plus we have netflix. It will also save us $40 dollars a month (whoohoo to that right?)

So call me crazy too :)

Amber said...

I wish I could convince everyone that no TV is a good thing.