Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crafting/Sewing Project List

I'm in a list making mood.  (Thank You Jen for the notebook idea...I am now making tons of lists in a notebook, and guess what...I'm getting stuff done!)

Here is what is in my crafting queue!

Christmas Presents for Kayla and Isaac.  The hooded robe.  Isaac still loves his hooded towels even though he has way outgrown them.
Well Isaac's may not wait until Christmas since he really needs his now.

A Robe for me. I've been wanting/needing a short robe and have never found one I am crazy about.  But isnt this just the cutest!  And I LOVE sewing with fleece, SO easy!

A laptop bag that I have "ordered."  Though she said not to get in a hurry on it and she still has to pay off her first bag first.  But I am anxious to try this new pattern.

These pumpkins...however they are started and ALMOST finished.  Though mine dont look near that good!

Disclaimer: This are NOT my original photos...Patterns are McCalls and Amy Butler.  Pumpkins from THIS Blog.  ;-)


Jen said...

Notebooks are MAGIC! Not really, but close. Glad you're reaping the benefits. As for getting pumpkins as cute as Danielle Thompson's.....I like to comfort myself with the fact that she's not human. Or so I tell myself a pumpkin winds up having a lot more character than I thought it would.

Stacy said...

The laptop bag looks awesome. Wonder how hard it would be to make one sized for a netbook?

Erin said...

I am going to have to re-size the bag for the one I'm making. But even though it has lots of pieces, its all square. I THINK it will be pretty easy (we'll see huh?) Amy Butler patterns in the past have been pretty simple...I really like them!

Kathryn said...

I LOVE the robe! Too bad I just made a robe last year. Darn. Can't justify it. Do you mind giving that pattern number so I can look for it? Cute, cute, cute! And why is sewing with fleece so nice? Do tell!