Saturday, October 10, 2009

It gets old...

It gets old having my pregnancy and birth experience constantly discounted. Being chastised for sharing my feelings because I might scare someone or make them feel guilty for discussing third trimester woes.

I'm sorry this post sounds whiney and everyone probably thinks I should move on. But other women are allowed to talk about their childbirth/pregnancy experiences, then why can't I?

Maybe I should drop it, forget it, and move on...but well I cant ok...I cant. I'm messed up. I'm bitter. I am probably suffering from some type of PTSD. I know it. I admit to it. And well theres nothing I can do about it.

I dont wish what happened to me on anyone but the reality is 1 in 8 babies in the US are born premature and those stats are on the rise! So the chances of a premature birth or preterm labor effecting you or someone close to you are pretty high, though I pray no one I know has to go through it.