Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

Today I am a happy girl. Yes, last week if anyone caught the post, I was not so much. But I had some discussions with people, got some work caught up, got some rest, said some prayers so things are much better.

Today I am happy about:

* having a relaxing three day weekend. Where I just hung out with hubby, cleaned the house, and was a bum. It was nice.

* having a clean fluffy, mat free puppy.

*having a big glass of sweet tea. Yes, sweet with sugar. But I imagine that that sugar in the pitcher of tea must be better than a coke.

* meeting up with an old friend and going to lunch with her today. And her asking me to be in her wedding.

*helping my cousin plan her wedding this weekend...my creative juices are flowing...hope it doesnt rain though.

*actually being excited and looking forward to the new Sunday School lesson, to the extent where I feel excited to get up and go to church.

*getting my yard mowed and my flower pot all fixed up pretty to sit by the front door and welcome guests.

*having dinner planned and sitting out for tonight...and its healthy!

*hopefully going on a canoeing/float trip with good friends in a few weeks.

*having good friends to go on a canoeing/float trip with.

*my hubby and my daddy can talk to each other on the phone (about antique guns) because that means that they like each other.

*that Friday is the start of June.

*that my foot is feeling much better now that I have arch inserts and do my exercises.

*that all my laundry is (was) done.

*that most of my work here at the office is caught up (for now if I quit blogging and keep it that way!)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Relase of Steam - Incoming Whining

Blog deleted...I'm some better now...Chocolate always helps....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Zoey decided this morning to become house trained. This morning when I was oh so tired and just kept grasping at a few moments of sleep, she decided that she HAD to go poop. So she barked and barked. So I just put the pillow over my head, what does she do, lay down and bark under the pillow. Oh yes. I kept hiding my head trying to sleep for just a few more minutes, I'll clean up the mess outta the floor here in a little bit, but no...she barked and barked and barked. She's half Yorkie so it is a loud, highpitched, annoying bark. So finally she convinvced me to get up and take her out. Where she decided to play cow and graze for a while! Finally she did her thing and hopped back to the house very proud of her accomplishment. I mean dont get me wrong I am very happy my puppy decided to be house trained but I was tired and wanted to sleep! I guess this is a preparation for motherhood. Babies poop too, but at least they dont have to go outside (which requires shoes and clothes).