Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 Weeks

Had a fabulous doc appt today. 

Couldn't find heartbeat.  Oddly enough this didn't worry me because there was something going on in there and she'd find it then lose it.  So I got an ultrasound, no complaints here.   Baby is a wild child already, arms and legs going everywhere. 

Found out that doc is one of the fabulous ones that thinks the new FDA approved Makena is dumb, hooray!  So in 6 weeks I'll start compounded progesterone injections.  Not awesome but hey, I'll take a weekly shot for 10 weeks if it keeps my kid from getting blood drawn every three hours for two months.

And here is our lovely babe...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Thursday, April 7, 2011

He's gonna be great...

Isaac is going to be an awesome big brother.  He talks about the "Bay-yay" a lot now.  Last night he read the baby a was about tractors, he pulled my shirt up and held the book up so s/he could see the pictures.  Then at bedtime he kissed the "Bay-yay" "ni night".  This morning he pulled my shirt up and said "Hell-yo, Bay-yay."  Kissed my belly and put my shirt down.  Awesomeness....I am blessed beyond measure and my cup runneth over.

And for your viewing pleasure...apparently the best seat in the house is in between the two recliners..

Friday, April 1, 2011

Preemie Power!

Today is a great day for preemies.  I am wearing a huge smile. 

Hopefully you recall my former post about KV Pharmaceuticals, if not it can be found HERE.

This week some wonderful news has been released.  Let me be careful to not get ahead of myself in my excitement, as I tend to think faster than I can type!

First off.  March 30th, the FDA issued a STATEMENT.  In a nutshell it says they will not force compounding pharmacies to stop producing progesterone injections.  Which is a small victory, sure it gives us access to the drug, but its slightly disturbing that their "answer" is we just wont do our job.

Secondly today KV Pharmaceuticals decided to "fix" things.  They issued a STATEMENT on their price drop.  $1,500 to $690.  Better, but still not good enough.  Great they lowered the price but it is still ridiculous since the research and development of this drug and the safety testing was paid for my taxpayers and non-profits.  Of course maybe they were responding to the fact their stock has been plummeting in the past this rate they'll be bankrupt (again).

Third great news of the day....March of Dimes issued a STATEMENT  that they were cutting their ties with Ther-Rx/KV Pharmaceuticals.  This is my favorite part.  My faith has been renewed.  I LOVE March of Dimes but was having a tough time continuing my support of them if they didn't do something quick regarding this.  They have done something, and something BIG! 

If you want to thank the March of Dimes for this, I'd love to see them see an impact with donations rolling in right after this statement was released.  You can do this AND support our family as we continue our support, for the third year, as we walk int he March for Babies.  You can donate to our team HERE 

In a side note...received a letter back from one of my Senators today, Mark Pryor.  Convenient timing don't you think?  In his letter he stated the "confusion" on the availability of the drug and cited the FDA statement (linked incorrectly to where the link wouldn't load) about not preventing it.  Sorry, you were a little late to the game, I emailed him WEEKS ago.  Funny how he waits until it is on its way to being resolved to say ANYTHING.  Of course he is "keeping an eye on this" and "considering my concerns."  I am less than impressed.  Also, less than impressed that John Boozeman, who I supported and have met multiple times, has not emailed me back in response to my two emails.  Of course he has sent out mass emails asking for campaign support.  NOT thrilled there either. 

Today is a great day for preemies, I am proud to me the mommy to a preemie.  Its a tough hard job, and NO ONE can understand what it entails.  And I am furious that big corporations and our government have so little interest in the lives of those who are so special to me.  This isnt over yet, but the battle is swinging in our favor.  Don't mess with preemie mamas...we've survived hell already...we are the toughest of tough.