Friday, September 3, 2010


OK, so this really isnt the type of blog I normally do.  Because my self esteem is horrid and I hate pics of myself. was a challenge/game so I gave in.  Here are pic of my  "beauty routine"  I guess for it to be a routine though I'd have to do it daily...I dont wear make up that often.  haha

So here goes!

So..I roll outta bed (no pic there) and take a shower.  Freshly washed wet hair!

Today I decided to go straight.  If it was a curly day I'd scrunch and be done.  But today I blow dry it. 

But first I put on my moisturizer since it needs to "set" before applying make up and my skin is funky and tight and painful after washing my face.  I use pure Australian Emu Oil.

Then comes makeup (if I so choose that day). I use mineral make up from Mineral Basicss.  LOVE IT.  Kinda bummed they are closing and are for sale.  Hope someone buys it soon and keeps the product coming, but I stocked up so am ok for a while.

Just a bit of powder foundation (didnt feel like going into concealer and stuff today) and a bit of color on my cheeks.

Then some eye color, I used a natural browinsh color today.  I use go pretty simple and basic with eye color.  Wearing glasses it gets "lost" anyway. 

Add a dusting of finishing powder, a smidge of color to my lips (I dont do much lipstick, never reapply, more a chapstick kinda girl, but after make up I need some color back), some mascara and face is done!
Then on to taming the hair.  I didnt want it in my face so I straightened it and pulled it back.  Looks a little "severe" here, but it doesnt stay back that smooth and is much more "loose" and "soft" by the time I get to work!

VIOLA!  All done!


Claire said...

Pretty! I love your eye makeup!


Nicole said...

I have never heard of Emu oil being used as a moisturiser LOL Do I live in Australia? :P

I'm the same with my eyes, you can't see much with glasses, so I just put mascara on.

I put some foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara every day I need to go out, otherwise I'm make up free. Ready in about 5 minutes for make up and about 10 mins to straighten my hair.

Jen said...

I forgot to comment last week, but this was fun!

Jeanie said...

You're just darling, Erin!