Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two Years Ago

Today is Sept 8.  This day has a history of being a big day. 

20 years ago today I became a big sister (you decide if that was a good or bad event!  Depends on the day you ask me! haha)

2 years ago today my one month old baby was still sitting in the hospital.  My best friend delivered her first baby, a boy, I got to go see and hold him, which was joyous, but also a reminder that here I sat, holding HER baby, which she was taking home the following day, while mine was 100 miles away. 

Also, when I arrived at the hospital to visit my friend, I was met with the news that one of our very dear friends from highschool had lost her battle to leukemia. 

Strange feelings that day...happiness, sadness, disappointment, do you react?  The pain/happiness and confusion of feelings must have been evident...on the way home from visiting my friend and her new baby I called the hospital to check on Isaac, the nurse immediately asked me if I was ok.  It was nice to know they really did care about me, that moment she felt like the only friend I had. 

Today, is better than this day two years ago.  I woke up and sent a text to my friend telling her "Happy Birthday" to her two year old.  Kissed my two year old who was asleep in my bed, HOME!  And smiled, remembering our dear friend Laurie. 

And since I am tired of seeing a pic of me sans makeup when I get on here...

One of my favorite pics of Isaac, taken 9/9/08.  I think here is he asking his Dad when he can go home..


Jen said...

It can make all the difference! Happy birthday to your brother, and another happy birthday wish to your giant, healthy 25 monther! Enjoy your loved ones and the happy memories of your friend.

sj3339sta said...

Time really does make a difference on perspective. When going through days and whole periods that are difficult, it really is just about getting through. The real lesson, and eventual blessing, is normally seen later on down the line.