Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures in Parenting

I had someone comment on a pic the other day and say she enjoyed seeing our "adventures".  Never thought of t that way, but being a mom IS an adventure.  For example this weekend...

Isaac discovered mudholes.

He started tromping through it and I though "ok, no biggie he is in his crocs and just a diaper, whats the worst that could happen?"  (yes, I had my kid outside in just a diaper, something I swore I'd never do).  Well, two seconds after walking through the puddle he plops down sqaure in the middle of it.  Oh joy...he is now soaked, muddy, and a good ways from the house (we had walked to the mailbox).  Oh, did I mention the reason he had on just a diaper is he had just gotten out of the bath?  And...that as soon as we got back to the yard he plopped down (still wet) in the sand box.  Oh yes...awesomeness.  BUT...he had fun, he's all boy, and this was much different than two years ago when he was in a sterile plastic box in the NICU!

Isaac also discovered stickers. 

He has always been weird about stickers, couldnt stand them.  Until he learned he could put them on his LEGS and see them quiet well.  So he proceeded to spend several minutes placing the stickers on himself.  He was so intent with it, he'd study his leg and then point and the spot he wanted it to go and then place the sticker there.  He had such an order about their placement. 

Isaac also loves the cat. 

He loves all animals really.  But Zippy is his bud.  When he came home from the hospital Zippy would sit and watch him.  And one night a few months ago Isaac was very sick with a very high fever, Zippy climbed in bed with him and laid with his paw on his chest (the one and only time he has EVER done anything like that).  Zippy is his guardian.  Though occassionally Zippy reaches his limit and Isaac ends up with a scratch or two, but he usually deserves them.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Those are some decked out legs! ;)

So sweet!