Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Homecoming Day!!

Today is October 1.  Its nearly 3 pm.  Pretty close to this exact time two years ago we were learning to put our baby in the carseat and finally making that walk down the hall, to the elevator, and out the door to go home.  Yes, go HOME.  ALL of us.  I didnt cry, believe it or not.  I held my breath (I was afraid the doc would coming running down the hall screaming about making a mistake and take him back).

After 63 days (thats over two MONTHS ya'll) life was finally "right".  Of course we werent average yet, we had a 6lb 2 month old.  Preemie clothes and diapers still didnt fit right.   Kid had cords attached to him.  But I could take him home.  If he cried I took care of him.  If he needed  a new diaper I took care of him.  If we knocked a monitor lead loose and the alarm went off nurses didnt come running.  It was just us.  Scary at time, but oh so nice.  We were afraid to sleep that night for fear something would happen, so we took turns watching him sleep.  

So today, two years later we celebrat.  We are having cupcakes and pizza and Isaac is getting a new toy!  Hooray!

Happy Homecoming Day Isaac!!!

Homecoming day two years ago...

Homecoming Day (approx.) one year ago!

Present Day!


Jen said...

I love that as soon as he hit 4 pounds or so, his face got chubby and has stayed that way ever since! I bet y'all had a lovely celebration!