Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Stuff

Yay, I'm feeling fall-ish! 

We have been sleeping with the windows open at night, the past couple of nights we had to close them AND use blankets.  It was nice!  Soon we'll be beyond fall and have a fire going in the wood stove (which means a pot of water simmering with cinnamon sticks on top too!) celebration of fall I've been doing fall things.

  • Using my crockpot.  All I know how to do in my crockpot is stuff like soups and stews and you are only supposed to eat those in winter and fall.  Right now there is a beef stew going in the crockpot and I have a lovely loaf of cheesy garlic artisan bread (on 50% off at Walmart since it had to be used by today!)  If you want some of my crockpot recipes, I have a recipe blog if'n ya didnt know.  Its here:
  • I learned to knit!  Knitting is fun.  I'm not overly great at it, it still requires me to stick the tip of my tounge out and say stuff like "let mama concentrate".  Isaac likes to walk up and touch my yarn and say "oooo...pitty." And "all done??"  I have some "pitty" homespun yarn that looks like watercolors to me, its actually called 'painted desert'.  I might actually finish my scarf by winter! Dont look too close at it, its uneven and I dropped a stitch early on and didnt want to undo what I had done so I just pretended it didnt happen.  

  • We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and apple picking.  I am wanting a whole bushel of apples.  I looked up recipes and I want to make 2 batches applesauce, 1 batch apple butter, and 1 batch "apple pie in a jar" jam.  And if any is left then maybe just some canned apples in syrup or apple pie filling.  And I want to puree and freeze pumpkin.  Never done THAT before but there is a pumpkin shortage.  (Its true, did you not know?  Scary! Washington Post)  I also want to carve a pumpkin and place a nice pretty round one on my porch! 
  • Halloween.  I'm not a big Halloween person, yet I still don't think me letting my kiddoe dressup, eat candy, and go on a hayride makes me a heathen either.  But I AM excited about Isaac dressing up as what has to be the worlds cutest dinosaur and go "rawr rawr".  Last year he was barely walking, this year he is also barely walking.  Its more like a RUN!  So I'm pretty's gonna be awesome!
  • Oh, and for those wondering and who love me.  I'm ok.  Physically pretty much nothing was going on.  Emotionally I'm recovering but going to be fine.  Forgive me if I dont talk about it much, but I do appreciate everyone's love and support.  God is good and has given me great friends and family and I love you all.  But God is also good and just and will use this for His Glory. 


Julie said...

Erin, I just adore you! I hope to see more posts to your recipe blog this fall! :) I use my crockpot all the time! You can put a whole chicken in it with about an inch of water in the bottom and add just plain ol season salt to it and when you get home from work it will be all ready for you! I also, put a roast in the morning put a inch of water in and top it with a can of cream of celery soup and then add my carrots and potatoes and it will be ready and waiting on you too! Did you know you can make cake in them too? NUTS!

Jen said...

Here is what I took from this:
1. I seriously love the yarn you're using and the scarf looks great.
2. What do you mean there's a pumpkin shortage?! Oh my goodness! I'm going to start hoarding every pie pumpkin I see. I hope it's not too late...