Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fun Fall Weekend

Had an awesome fall weekend.  It couldnt have been better.

Saturday, after I got off work.  We went and got lunch (Subway) and ate it in the park.  Then we took Isaac to the pumpkin patch!  He loved it!  They had it all nicely decorated with lots of cute scarecrows.  I tired to take pictures of them but everytime I'd turn around there was another one.  Now those of you who live in bigger area may laugh at our little podunk pumpkin patch, but I think its wonderful.  Local, family owned, and so much fun!

Their patriotic display is always my favorite.  And I like how it is always in a location of honor, off to itself and where everyone can see it. 

Then they had these cute thingies to put your head thru.  So of course we had to play along!

They also had this little tunnel thing for the kids to go thru.  We though he'd find it weird or spooky, or exciting.  No, my child just kinda walked right through it and was like um...ok, what now.  So we made him repeat it with us being all excited, like "ooo...wonder whats int here?  Oh, where did Isaac go!?"  Still nothing.

THEN we finally got to the pumpkins!  Lots of pumpkins to pick!  First thing we had to do was run circles in the patch...

Then the task of choosing just the right pumpkin.
Maybe over here is a good one...

Or this one.  It looks good.

Then the obligatory posing while I took pictures in the pumpkin patch.  No one was overly thrilled.

Then we headed off down the road a bit (at the same farm) to pick apples.  Isaac loved apple picking since apples are his most favorite thing.  I told him however, that the apples were dirty and we couldnt eat them yet.  So the moment we got home he began throwing them in the sink.  Kid ate so many apples this weekend (thankfully, today is "Daddy day" as far as diapers are concerned)

ANd lastly, since I love seeing how much he has grown.  I'll post the previous pumpkin patch pics. 

Year 1: No official Pumpkin Patch picture because I was too afraid to take him out of the house.  Sheesh, you'd think I was paranoid or something.  I mean he'd been home for the hospital like a whole two weeks! LOL

Year 2: My friend Sarah and her family were visiting so we went up there with her and her kiddoes.  Isaac was JUST learning to walk. 

Present Year: Isaac ran around screaming PUMPKIN!  And waved bye bye to all the scarecrows.  He was not impressed and thought they were just some weird people who were standing in his way that he didnt want to talk to.