Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just when I decide to cut it off....

Just when I decide to cut off all my hair it goes and gets cute on me...whats up with that!! So the great chop off is on hold...

Todays "cute hair"

The back of todays "cute hair"

I do like my natural curls when they curl good. I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Plus it takes 5 minutes to fix! No blow drying allowed! :-)

On a not so good note, another month and still no baby on the way. We are not taking crazy pills this month, instead its more tests. Please keep me in your prayer, I have an HSG next week. I wont elaborate on what it is too much, because some people dont want to know these things, however if you do want to know, ask Google. Plus hubby has to be tested too, which he is thrilled about. I was really stressed and aggarvated this morning but I have cooled off now and am going to be okay. I have a great doctor, great friends, and an awesome God. It'll work out.

Also, I am going on a Low Carb diet because thats what folks with PCOS are supposed to do. Its hard. I am also not consuming (too much) caffenine, and drinking more water. Klay bought me a water pitcher last night that makes the flavored water, that helps. And exercise, I really need to exercise more too.

I got alot done on the dress this weekend, I'm going to my Mother In Law's to work on it some more tonight. Maybe I'll post pictures soon. Its looking nice so far!

I hope it snows tomorrow...

Hmmm...I dont know if posted about my dress project here or not...dont think so....post upcoming.


Amber said...

I love LOVE it like this. It's adorable and very flattering on you. I was going to say on your previous post that I liked it best in your grad pic when it looked like this. :-)