Monday, April 30, 2007

Wonderful Weekenf of Turning 24

I had the best weekend ever! Klay made my birthday wonderful! Here is a recount...

Saturday...I am awaken my a very off key hubby singing "Happy Birthday" while still half asleep. I roll over, give him a sleepy kiss and we snuggle back to sleep. (*sigh* married life rocks!). We then get up and get ready. Klay takes me to Sonic for breakfast! Then we go shoe shopping! I needed new boots. We find them at Tops Shoes and they are only $36! Which means....I can also buy some new sneakers with my birthday money (ones that dont squeak!). So we went to Belks for those. We then drove around town doing whatever we wanted! We stopped at Stoby's for lunch, hit pawn shops, the candle factory, and drove home the "long way". Then we picked up Zoey and went to go geocaching. Our GPS is so old (1995 hand me down) that we didnt find what we were looking for but thats okay, still fun! Then went and ate dinner at mom's. Mom and dad got me a wonderful wrought iron picnic table and two chairs! And Justin got me my 4 red azalea bushes for the front of my house! Then they had to be delivered! By this point I am worn out and go to bed early. While in bed we hear sirens (this is a rural area so everyone goes to the window and looks when you hear such things) so we turn on the scanner (which at that point had no back because the batteries exploded earlier in the day!). And drunk ran off the road at the end of our street. Why was this fun...because Air Evac landed to take him to the hospital! That was fun to watch! (Not to worry, the guy was no seriously injured, he just had some head trauma and was drunk!). the fun's not yet over. We woke up early and painted the trim in the office so we could get it back together. Yes, I skipped church again but I HAD to get the house back together and my time was not in abundance. After that we decided to try geocaching again (or just go hiking) so we went to Strawberry Bluffs! We found our geocache, took some amazing pictures, and had a great time! We vowed to return when I didnt have a weak foot, hiking on bluffs is a bad idea when you have just gotten over a broken foot, I am still paying for that trip today! Then we went to Klays parents, then his sisters to get her broken scanner so Klay could Frankenstien them back together! We got pizza, and went home and got the house a little more back together! Its almost done!!

So now I am at work....still relishing in the great weekend. As soon as Klay gets the camera dock hooked back up I'll post some pictures of our adventures.