Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Choose To Be Happy!

I started out having a very bad day. I was grumpy, moody, mad at the world, feeling like dog poop on some guy's shoe. So my original intent was to come on here and vent my heart out. First I vented to my good friend Sarah and just talking to her helped. But I was still on the verge of tears and grumpy. But then a light came on (Sarah, you must have prayed for me too huh?) I kept thinking, I just wanna be happy. Then the little voice in my head said "Hey goofball, just be happy then!" So I made a choice, I CHOOSE to be happy today. So in honor of that I am going to make a list (thanks for the idea Amber!) of the good things.

1. I have very pretty flowers sitting on my desk that smell good! AND a candle that smells good for when the flowers are gone. Who can be grumpy with daisies and roses staring at ya?

2. My puppy has been accident free for two days now! Go Zoey!!

3. We had a nice dinner of T-Bone steaks last night for father in laws birthday! With sides from Cracker Barrell! YUM!

4. I am losing weight!

5. My work is caught up so I can blog guilt free!

6. I have a pretty new floor in my hall and office. Yes the trim isnt down, and yes I have power tools in the kitchen, and yes I cant walk through my house but...I have a floor, it will be done eventually and I CAN walk.

7. I am happy because Crystal Light makes those yummy little things to go in your water so I dont have to drink plain water plus it has caffiene so drinking your water is like drinking a coke only better for you!

8. I have friends who will listen to me vent and be shallow and selfish and not feel the need to tell me how horrible and selfish and shallow I am and dont tell me to get over it. They just listen and pray for me and love me even with all my faults.

9. And even though I feel frumpy today, if I did my laundry I would actually have nice clothes to wear.

10. That even though I cant wear my super cute brown shoes anymore, because they are too tight and hurt my foot, I have the option of having another pair to wear. Who says pink and white Nike's dont match everything?? Even black dress pants!

11. In 5 minutes I get to go home and have lunch with my husband. This makes me 'specially happy cause for the past two+ months I have had to sit and wait for him to come get me. Now I can go on MY time!

12. I have a nice car that I love to drive to get me around places. I really love my car, i dont care what anyone says.

13. And even though my family can drive me crazy. My aunts, uncles, cousins, granparents, parents, brother, everyone. I am very grateful to have family that lives 5 minutes away. I dont have to travel across the country to see them every couple of years. And even though they seems to not like me too much sometimes, thats okay. You cant make people like you-and if you have to make them like you do you really want them to like you anyway? If they liked me would I like myself then? Probably not. So as long as a few people in this world like me, I'm okay.

14. We are planning a family. Hopefully soon I will be able to be expecting a little one. And I dont care about the cost, or the hard work, or the sleepless nights, or the terrible twos, or any of that stuff. Besides, what good is anything that doesnt come with a cost? Marriage thats, hard too but hey, I am not complaining there...I really dislike it when people try to discourage you from things....what do they really know?

15. I have a sexy husband who is all macho. :-)

16. I will be 24 years old Saturday and I seem to be doing pretty good for myself.

17. Its noon on Thursday and that means its almost the weekend. Which means its almost May. Which means its almost June which means.........well...I wont make that one public, most of you know already!

18. And...and....well I better stop its time to go home.

So...Don't Worry...Be Happy!


Amber said...

I truly believe that the courses of our lives are decided and changed by each choice we make. Whether it is how we choose to react to another's words, or just the daily decisions, like getting up and going to work. We can choose to either learn from or ignore the lessons of life. I believe that we make the decision to be happy We each define success, not others around us.