Friday, April 13, 2007

Raing and Pouring

If it rains, you gotta know its going to pour! Two weeks ago our hot water heater sprung a leak and soaked the carpet in the hallway. Well, I didnt want to spend the money on the new water heater but the idea of an insurance claim check helping me get rid of that disgusting carpet was very appealing. So we ripped it up, and went and picked out our new oak laminate flooring. And while we were at it we decided to run it into the office as thinking right? Also we decided that while the flooring was gone and the trim ripped off we'd repaint the hall and the office...again smart right? Well...the floor was supposed to be here Tuesday. Wednesday "our order" comes in. But it is only 5 boxes, we needed 11. The guy who took our order neglected to even turn it in so it never got ordered! No sweat, the rest of the order will be here Thursday (those trucks run all the time ya know!). So here it is Friday, 1/4 or less of the hallway is painted, the trim and all carpet is ripped up (we have a lovely concrete floor as of now), the entire office (which is roughly 5 desks and 5-6 computers, 3 printers, and all hubby's 'supplies') sits in the living room (since the spare bedroom is full of all the rest of the stuff) and the flooring still is not in. And today we discovered that 1 of the 5 boxes we do have, is incorrect!

I have also learned that painting with a cast on is harder than it looks! Just because they call it a walking cast or boot or whatever, does not mean that you can just hop and skip around like normal! And just because the doctor says you can "start wearing a shoe" doesnt neccessarily mean that you want to or that it feels like normal!! garbage disposal broke! And there is alittle bowl under the sink to catch the drip until we can replace it. But looking on the brightside....all those little tasks we kept meaning to do....we are now being forced to do them out of neccessity!!

So the moral of the story....1) do not break your foot! 2) do not let your water heater leak! 3) Do not destroy your house until you know you have something to put back! 4) do not destroy the house and take forever to put it back while your wife has a broken foot and PMS! :-)


Jessica Morris said...

hey!! welcome to the blog world!! =)

Crystal said...

Ack! Sounds like a fun week.

You made me rethink my idea to just rip out our carpet and suffer the consequences until we have replacement flooring. ;)

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