Saturday, April 14, 2007

Work, First Birthdays, but no Floor!

Still no flooring! But the fact that my dear hubby called instead of me about the incorrect box, alerted them that we are slightly unsatisfied! So hopefully we will get a slight price cut! Since its been over a week since it was supposed to be here! I am trying to give the benefit of a doubt, that maybe its a supplier issue. I hate it when my clients get upset with me when its the company causing the hold up. But its still frustrating to have a torn apart house! But I still have tons of painting to do so we really weren't ready to put the floor down yet anyway.

But right now I am at work. And I have been here almost 2 hours without so much as a phone call, much less a client. The filing is all done. And all my work is caught up. Its very quite.

This weekend is my friend's baby's First Birthday Party! Since they already had the family party its going to be just us five. I got her the cutest little folding chair for camping (which we are already planning) or for in the house. It is pink with Disney Princesses on it (did you expect any less from me!). I am really looking forward to hanging out with them. Happy Birthday Anna! Maybe next year you will have a little friend!