Monday, April 16, 2007

My Weekend and Ramblings About Babies

I had a very nice weekend.
Saturday we worked on the house and I did a gazillion loads of laundry, but its all done but one load! YAY!!! But the inlaws came over and helped on the house so we got a bunch done. Our flooring still isnt in, but we discovered that out of the five boxes he gave us to "get started" only one is right! Good thing we waited before we started putting it down! They say it will be here today or tomorrow...not holding my breath, it was supposed to be here last Monday!!

I got most of the hallway painted "snowshoe" last night, except for the parts above my reach, no ladders for me. I think I will also need to do a second coat. Hubby primed the office so tonight we can paint it "alfalfa".

Sunday we went to Anna's 1st Birthday Party. She is growing so much! She grinned and flirted with hubby and he flirted back. He actually held her and played with her and seemingly enjoyed it! She definately cause a "flare up" of my baby bug!! And my friend made the comment "maybe we can be pregnant together" I asked her if she was trying to tell me something and she just said "I dont know". HHmmmm......

I hope I will be pregnant soon. I know there are those who try for months, years, and have a very hard time. I honestly hope I am not one because I am very impatient. Or maybe I will be in order to learn a lesson, but I sincerely hope not. Our current "plan" is to wait until June, then start trying. However, I will be suprised if we make it that long. We always move sooner than planned. (for those of you who know our wedding know what I mean...our "probably in the summer" wedding date, became Spring Break - 6 months after our first date!) I quit taking my pill last month with the idea of "using other stuff". However, we havent used much if any "other stuff" and hubby is being very "affectionate". I think he is too chicken to just "go for it" so I think he just wants an "oops". HAHA But its still exciting!!

Part of the idea of it scares me. I know so little about babies and pregnancy and such. What if I "mess up." I barely know how to hold a baby! How am I going to know when to feed it? How long do you feed breast milk? Whats the deal with formula? When do they get cereal? What are you supposed to do and not do while pregnant? Will I be a bad mom if I work and leave the baby with daycare or with grandparents? I'm already an emotional wreck, will I get post partum depression and go crazy? Will I yell at my child when I "lose it"? Will my dog and cats be "good to the baby"? Will I have to get rid of my "other kids"? It makes my head spin!!!


Kim said...

You'll be a great mom, Erin!! Don't worry about all that stuff yet - you've got 9 months from conception to figure that out =)

Amber said...

Hey, Erin has a blog now! :-) Thanks for coming by mine. Can I add you to my "favorites" list?
I agree with Kim...don't fret too much, but it also doesn't hurt to do some reading about pregnancy, etc. then you'll be all "learned" about it. lol
I wish you luck in TTC, and hope you don't have to wait as long as I did! Hey, hurry up and get pregnant and we'll be pregnant together. :-)
Ok, I'm rambling now...