Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Thoughts On Gun Control

In the wake of the shootings in Virginia, there have been lots of talk about gun control. And maybe its because I am from the rural South-but I don't think that limiting guns is the answer to solving problems like this. So here are my thoughts and ramblings on this issue.

When someone goes on a rampage and shoots people, they (they meaning the press and many politicians) immediately say "Oh then we shouldn't have guns. Lets outlaw them all!" However, when there is a terrible auto accident do we immediately jump to outlaw cars? Or if someone beats someone to death with a baseball bat, do we outlaw baseball bats? The gun is not the issue, its the individual. If a person wants to go crazy and kill people, they will get the gun (or baseball bat) from somewhere. I would like to see a statistic about how many guns are obtained through legal means in crimes. I would guess that most are not.

One reporter said last night something about the fact that there are more shooting now because kids grow up where "Daddy has guns in the house". I have to disagree with that one. I grew up with a Daddy that had guns in the house. They were locked in a cabinet with a glass front, with the key on top. I knew right where the key was and was sent to go get said gun when that pesky skunk entered the yard. I have no desire to go out and kill people! Hubby grew up with guns. He LOVES guns. He has several and wants more, he even wants some guns that are considered "assult" weapons. Why? Because he likes guns. However, he has no desire to go on a rampage and kill people!! We both plan on getting our concealed carry (as soon as we get our lovely set of his and her handguns), but we have no intention of shooting anyone! I hope to get mine and NEVER shoot it other than target practice, it would just make me feel safer.

On the note of concealed carry...hubby and I can't help but wonder, what would have been the outcome of the shooting at Virginia Tech if just one person had a concealed carry handgun? Would it have even happened if the shooter THOUGHT one person might have a concealed handgun? Just a thought...

I just think people are too quick to come up with a "solution" that really isn't a solution at all. This is not a real popular topic, and you may disagree with me. Just blame in on my Southern roots. Or blame in on the fact that I am a hillbilly. Or just agree to disagree. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion (but thats a whole 'nother blog!).

I would like to add, I am very saddened by the massacre at Virginia Tech. This rant is in no way meant to downplay the tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved. The families, the friends, the law enforcement, everyone touched by this tragedy.


Ms. Content said...

As a fellow southern girl, I understand and I agree with you on this.

Well said!