Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Rambling Mess Known as Today's Blog

I am in an "old fashioned" mood today. I get these occassionally. Where I wish for the simple life. I wish I was at home, in a prarie skirt, barefoot, baking bread with the windows open. But alas, I am far from that, I am sitting at work, in jeans and sneakers, typing on the computer. Even though I love taking care of my home, I am not sure I am the "stay at home" type. I love being a good wife, and hopefully a good mom sometime soon, but I also love my job. Don't get me wrong, I am definately NOT the "career-woman." But I do enjoy my job, and I just dont think I'd get much done staying at home. Sheesh, when I am home on the weekends I am just lazy! I think I do better being on a tight schedule. Is that insane? Maybe my mindset will change when I have a baby. But then that brings on a whole new set of quandries. I feel in someways it is "expected" for me to be a stay at home mom, that that is how "good Christian women" do it. But seriously, where does it say that in the Bible? It looks like to me the Proverbs wife had a job! Are SAHMs better moms? Will my child be warped because he/she stays in daycare? I know a little boy who's mom stays at home (Phillip) he is a holy terror! I know a little boy the same age whose parents work (Liam). (Now his mom may disagree but I have never seen him scream and kick for an hour straight because he didnt get what he wanted. Nor have I seen him kick his legs out and fall down flat on the floor screaming because he couldnt have a certain thing.) My mom worked when I was little, I turned out okay. I think it comes down to what happens at home AFTER the day at work/daycare. Does Jr. get plopped down in front of the tv with a bottle full of coke and a bowl of Lucky Charms and ignored? What about the weekends? I think what matters is what you do with the time you have. It really bothers me when people try to tell me what is the 'best' thing to do. Do they know my life so intricately that they know whats best? Is my life so much like theirs that their solution will work for me too? But, anyway, I am rambling now.

I'm ready to plant my garden. Maybe this weekend when things slow down. Or maybe next week.

I am walking almost normal today AND I drove again. Little to no pain. I am excited about that.

My flooring is in, tonight we will do the trim. Then put things back together. It will be nice to have things together, they havent been "normal" since February (or before). When its together I plan to have friends over for dinner and a movie or a game. I have been really wanting to play a fun board game or couple game. Any ideas?


Kim said...

I vote for Settlers of Catan. Or Euchre. Those are our favourite couples games =) Oh, and Cranium.

Crystal said...

We like Malarkey. :o)

Oh, and I'll tell you what's "best"...

*drum roll*

What God tells YOU is best for YOUR family. There, problem solved. Now we have world peace! ;oP