Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy First Birthday James!

My little Jamsey-poo.  Today you are ONE!  You have been through so much in just a year.  Your personality was evident as soon as you decided to be born.  You had to be the center of attention and attempted to steal your brother's birthday.  Mama overruled and you got your own birthday and your own month, barely.  When we wouldnt let you be born you decided to kick your way out quiet literally.  And here you can, all 2lb2oz of you!  What your brother did, you did more, bigger, better, longer.   I admire your strength, and laugh at your need to be center of attention, watching you grow will be fun.

You gave me several first, even though you are my second gave me my first ambulance ride, first hospital stay (of a week!), first surgery.  You also pushed me to become a stay at home mom, which was a wonderful decision.  Now, I dont get to do allt he crafys and houskeeping I imagined because you will not be happy anywhere but with/on me, but one day I'll look back on these days and smile and miss them.  You are truely my mama's boy.

You are my first to get to breastfeed solely for a year (plus).  You were/are my champion nurser.  You do what I am told shouldn't be able to be done, a 3 month old baby who had never nursed took right too it like he'd always done it and refused bottles.  You amaze everyone.  Thank You, son, for making something easy! haha

You are my climber.  My crawler.  My into everything baby.  You are such an opposite of your brother.  The coming years will be interesting.  You do however, admire your brother.  He got your first laughs and first smiles.  Continue being close to him, it will serve you well one day. 

Happy First Birthday James-y!


Kimberly S. said...

Happy birthday James and God bless you!