Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A

Here is my opinion on Chick Fil A.  (And trust me, I'm so tired of the hoopla.)  I'm not writing this for any kind of debate so don't bother. 

I ate at Chick Fil A yesterday on "Appreciation Day."  I'm not "homophobic"  I'm not a "hate monger"  But..those who call Conservatives who believe a certain way certainly are.  A person makes a statement, to the effect of the fact he supports traditional marriage, but believes in equality for all regardless of sex, race, etc and suddenly he must just hate all gay people, I mean really, thats the ONLY thing he could mean right?  It says it right there...all gay people are just deplorable.  That's pretty much the Liberal logic.  Stuff like "I hope everyone who eats Chick Fil A get cancer and die."  that is just a loving tolerating statement.   I feel the love right there. 

You dont like it, fine dont eat there.  But seriuosly, I dont get the bashing of people.  I like chocolate cake, I dont think all white cake eaters should die....(oh wait, is that going to be taken as a racist statement?)  I dont like Obama, I am not racists.  I like Chick Fil A and support traditional marriage, I am not homophobic.  I am pro breastfeeding, I do not think all moms who use formula are horrible parents.  I am a Christian, I have friends who are not. 

Lets all just get along...Chick Fil A lovers and haters.  That is all.  Eat More Chikin'...or not! 

(Really, its times like this and stuff like this that make me want to move even further out in the boonies and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist..period.  If I ever go disappear you know I'm deep in the Ozark Mountains...)