Friday, August 17, 2012

E is for Elephant

This week we did the letter E.  We didnt do as much letter work as we did writing, coloring, patterns, and such.  He wasnt in the best school mood this week but we did work on stuff, which is sufficient for a PreK'er. 

He of course wanted to do several dab a dot pages, he really loves those things. 

We traced a lot of stuff, and he colored a lot more this week since we had out new crayon stones.  An excellent purchase! 

We did some patterns with our pattern blocks, including making the letter E. 

We discussed elephants.  Elephants live in the jungle and are big and gray according to Isaac.

We also worked on some cutting skills, we cut straws, err...logs, for him to haul in his tractor to the lumber yard where "Jim Bob" had requested he put them in stacks of certain numbers.  Was a great skill for him to learn how to properly hold scissors...err...a chain saw.  Much easier to cut than paper for him. 

Next week is going to be a busy week.  We find out the details on his speech therapy on Monday.  We'll go to the fair (look for a post about our exhibits soon!).  We plan to go apple picking (and applesauce making).  We'll also do the letter F.  F for FAIR, FAMILY, FARM, and FISH!