Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New toys!

We used some of Isaac's birthday money and got him some new toys!  Err...I mean, education tools. 

I'm very pleased with our purchases and we have been using them a lot this week. 

One thing we got was Crayon Stones.  They are just little crayon "rocks".  The idea is to work on the tripod pincher grasp and transition to holding pencil correctly.  Since Isaac has a few fine motor delays I thought this would be a very useful tool for him.  And as soon as he took them out of the bag he was holding them correctly and colored much more than he normally does.  So I say they are a success.  And they are so cute and fun.  They also write very smoothly, I was impressed at that.  

We also got a tub of wooden pattern blocks.  I saw several different sets of these, but opted for the plain wooden ones in a big tub over magnetic ones, foam ones, ones with lots of pattern cards.  I found several pattern sheets online, including a set for all the letters and numbers.  Isaac too right to these, copying the patterns both on the sheet and off the sheet.  Plus they are just fun to play with.  I also plan to make some patterns on the copier, photo copy them, and then let him recreate them. 

I didn't get a picture of our last purchase, we haven't used it as much yet.  But I got a tub of geometric shape blocks.  I plan to have him copy designs and patterns with them too.  He has played with them some, building various structures but nothing directed as of yet.