Wednesday, August 8, 2012

D is for Dinosaur

D is for Dinosaur

This was a fun letter.  I was able to find lots of fun hands on things for Dinosaurs. 

Per my previous post we did a lot of dot marker stuff.  I also tried something new and did a "letter search" where he dotted the letter with the marker (like a word search , just letters only). 

We watched the Magic School Bus dinosaur epidsode (did you know you can find nearly all those full episodes online?) 

We made frozen "ice age dino eggs" (little dinos inside frozen water balloons) which doubled as a lesson on what happens when ice gets hot and melts. 

We did playdough dino footprints and imprints. 

We did a dino dig in his sand box!

Did another fun activity that was new to Isaac, took basic shapes and made abstract dinosaurs, he did really well since he had never done anything like that before.  Pattern blocks are on my get list very soon. 

I'm thinking if this heat breaks a little (should be only high 90s maybe later this week) we may go on an exploration...I here there is a pile of dinosaur bones around here somewhere....hmmmm....