Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dot Markers

Dot Markers.  Dab a Dot.  Bingo Markers.  Whatever you call them.  They are  my new favorite tool.  I would see these dot sheets and I thought, oh those are weird.  However, I thought the dot markers might be good for Isaac's motor skills so I bought a set.  He LOVES them.  He begs to do them every day.  Yesterday he stayed with grandma for a while and I asked if he wanted to take a he wanted to take "school" he said, and wanted to take his markers and sheets.  So I printed him off a stack of sheets of various letters and he happily took them along!

Also excited to say that the train patterns and dot markers combines the kid FINALLY got the AB pattern.  SO excited.  I wasn't worried but I am so thrilled to see him picking up a new skill that he didn't know a few weeks ago!

You can also use the dot sheets for stickers, fingerpaint, and magnets.  Use your creativity!