Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I got to teach the boys a valuable lesson.  While James it too young to remember it, I hope Isaac can.  I am a member of DAR and occasionally we get the honor a fallen soldier by standing in a flag line with the Patriot Guard riders.  Today was a special honor, this young man that we honored went MIA in Cambodia when his helicopter was shot down in 1975, today in 2012 he was found, identified, and finally got to return home.   I was so proud of both my boys today, they behaved wonderfully and seemed to understand that the event was solemn and respectful.  When the hearse passed, Isaac stood at attention, holding his flag high, his hand over his heart.  I hope that this is something he always remembers and that he learned  valuable lesson today...freedom is not free.  And we should thank those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  (on a kinda funny  note...Isaac wanted very badly to go into the funeral home-we were all outside- so he could 'check on that soldier and see if he's ok.  He didnt totally get that he is deceased, but he understand that we should honor him.)