Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A is for Apple/Airplane/Alligator

Today we started our homeschool preschool.  I was going to wait but he was getting bored, things were organized, and he was excited and interested so we started! 

We are doing "letter of the week" with other concepts and activities based off that.  Today was the letter A...which I'll probably breeze through and go on  because he knows that one.  Of course we'll review regularly.

We talked about the letter, introduced the idea of "big letters" and "little letters".  Which was new to him.  We looked at the letter on flash cards, picked it out of the magnetic letters, colored a letter A.  Traced the letter A.  Did fingerpaint Alligator and Apple.  Did some tracing of "airplane routes" and counted airplanes. Which he surprised me on...he is now counting to 9 and recognizing numbers I didnt know he knew!  (If you look at the pics of the counted planes, he counted them and circled the correct one but wanted to X out the wrong ones..) 

FIne motor is something we need to really work on, along with pencil control but he is only turning 4 in a couple weeks so while we are working on the writing we arent pushing it hard yet. 

I also quizzed him to see what he knew, he knows ALL his colors, most of his shapes (Rectangle and Diamond are newbies to him).  He also recognizes nearly all numbers 1-9, with the exception of 6 and 9.