Friday, May 25, 2012


Im on a quest to use more of the food I have on hand and to rely less on WalMart.  Meaning....we need to eat a lot of ground venison...

I use it in place of ground beef except for stuff like meatloaf as it very lean and is pretty dry in that application. 

We have been having...
Chili Mac
Hubbys Hash

I need to attempt a Shepherds pie.  It too hot for chili or soup.  I feel like we are about to grow antlers!  So tonight we'll have chicken! Lol.

Im open to anymore ideas...we've been pairing with garden fresh veggies, like new potatoes!  Ohand corn...we have several bags of corn on the cob in the freezer we need to use up!  This has been helpful to my grocery budget, but I need more ideas! 


Joyful Times said...

I have found that using just a half of pound or less of ground beef (80/20), with a pound or more of venison makes it super tasty and adds just the amount of fat you need! We do sloppy joes, goulash, meat sauce, and about anything that I would normally use ground beef for!!! It has saved us so much for our food budget!!!