Sunday, May 27, 2012


Im proud of my garden this year.  Being a SAHM has proved great for my gardening success, I've been a busy little bee.  And while there are weeds, you can actually see the rows (albeit crooked much to hubby's annoyance) of vegetables!  However the weather has turned hot and super dry, so our water bill will increase.  Yesterday I harvested beets, not a whole lot and some say not enough to mess with but I pickled my meager jar and put in the fridge.   I dug my row of potatoes, we got a whole milk crate full!  Also getting a good crop of blakberries, I have three quarts in the freezer, time to make jelly soon!  And today I plan to pull and strip the last of my green peas.  Corn has baby ears and tomatoes and loaded with green tomatoes so Im hopeful for good crops there as well.