Friday, July 8, 2011

Less Fear

So since I blogged about my fear, and my wonderful friends said they were praying for me, thought I'd update that I am doing better.

I'm getting less fearful...even if baby comes early...I KNOW that, I know what to do and how to handle it.  And if baby comes term...well thats gotta be easier than a preemie! 

Had a check up yesterday, things look perfect so far.  Blood pressure staying good.  Fighting myself to keep hydrated in this blistering heat...thats a battle but I think I"m winning.  Feeling baby move a lot lately, even some bumps that make me go "umpfh".  My tummy feels like its rolling all afternoon long. I like it. 

Felt something weird while driving the other day and realized my belly was rubbing the steering wheel...hmm..I'm only 22 weeks, 5'2" and rubbing the steering wheel....the next 20ish weeks could get interesting. 


Claire said...

Keeping you in my prayers during this precious season!