Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been thinking about my goals for the new year.  I think I have came up with pretty good acheiveable goals. 

  1. Do at least one "No Spend" Month. I "stole" this idea from Jen .  I've been reading about her No Spend Adventures for a while now and when we were forced to do it a few months ago due to cash flow issues, I decided I wanted to do it regularly.  I think though, I'd like to try it in February because its a short month!  And well...we've already KILLED January.  I can't help the fact that Thomas the Train stuff was on 50% off at our Walmart...not my fault.  Also not my fault that rearranging our living room meant we HAD to have an my defense...we used Isaac's Christmas money since he wanted it.  He did...really!
  2. Exercise more.  Ok, yes this is cliche.  But I am not talking going all hardcore and joining a gym or running a marathon.  By "more" I just mean that...more.  And thats easy...more than none is some!  Maybe a couple times a week.  This hasnt started yet...still in the rearranging the house mode and can't find the floor.
  3. Be less wasteful.  That means actually eat our leftovers.  Use up things completely.  
  4. Eat more "whole" foods.  Make more recipes, just less boxed stuff.  Eat out less.  Take our lunch.  This is for money saving, being healthier, and being self sufficient (usually whole foods can be produced at home.)
  5. Become more self sufficient.  Meaning buying more things like grains in bulk.  Growing a bigger better garden and canning the things we use regularly.  Basically make my grocery store trips less frequent.  
  6. Keep the house in better order.  Yes, I know there will be things like toys in the floor and dirty dishes.  I am not a great housekeeper, BUT if I went through and did a quick pick up after Isaac is in bed and I am still up it would make a HUGE difference.  If I at least picked up and stacked the dishes after supper, it'd make life much less stressful.
  7. Organization.  This is ongoing right now.  I'm buying totes.  Labeling things.  Purging things.  Recently got our living room looking good, so far NO piles!  Isaac's room is next.  RIght now its bad, but I am letting it go until I tackle the big project.  Totes stacked in the hall shelves for stuff like playdough, coloring, flashcards.  Large tote for Lincoln Logs, Wooden Train set, Trio Blocks, Thomas the Train stuff, animals, etc.  "Baby" toys going into storage. Finally moving out the baby bed and infant stuff.  
  8. Build friendships.  I've been neglecting my friendships with my local friends, mainly because of mere laziness on my part.  I'd rather sit at home on my down days than do something with a friend.  Not because I dont love my friends but because I am lazy and have no energy.  
  9. Get back into a Bible Study.  I finally got myself back to getting to Sunday morning with some regularity.  (Being force to get there for my class helped!)  But I need to get back to Sunday night Bible Study.  But...can I start that in the Spring?  I just couldnt bring myself to drag me and Isaac out in the 30 degree weather last night, not when I was warm and toasty!
  10. Number ten is personal.  I chose not to disclose it.! :-)


Jen said...

Nice! We usually do our no-spend in February just because it's usually a slow month for us and the shortest one. It also takes a lot of pressure off of Valentine's Day. I don't know if we'll do it in February this year (we may be needing to do some baby stocking-up stuff), but no-spends can actually get pretty fun if you choose a nice and slow time for yourself! Good luck with all of these, I like them!

Jen said...

I like your goals, "No Spend" month sounds good. I am with you on exercising more..I know it sounds cliche but I used to have a routine and that quit for awhile I found once I had a rountie it got easier, to do..even for the working woman..Star out with 2 days a week, work your way into 3 then 4 and maybe 5? I started off slow and worked my way to mon&tue (break Wed)for church then thur/frid.. then the weekend was mine.
I too want to eat better and more made from scratch meals, I know its not always easy after long days of work its the last thing I really want to do.. even though I enjoy cooking.
Anyways your goals sound great!
I think the beginning is tough but once you've made it habbit/routine it helps things go more smoothly