Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitting Goals

I also have some knitting goals for the new year.

I just ordered me some circular needles (in the right length this time...I made an "oopsie" and got the super long ones, but thats okay, I can now make baby blankets and stuff!) is my 2011 knitting list!

  1. Make a hat.  More specifically make ISAAC a hat!  Hopefully successfully then I can make Isaac and Kayla* hats!  Nothing fancy really, I just want to knit a classic kids toboggan with a poofball on top!
  2. Make Isaac and Kayla a scarf for Christmas (to match their hats!)
  3. Make something with a cable thingy on THIS (not my original photo)
  4. I want to make a market THIS (again not my photo).  I've got everything for this except the DPNs...trying to decide which ones!

Okay, thats my list.  Yeah its short, but thats okay.  I can add to it.  Thats the stuff I really want to tackle.  They are all pretty easy sounding, well the market bag seems kind of daunting to get started but the actual bag part doesnt seem so hard.  The hats should be just knit in a circle...maybe.  I may be in over my head but I'm a hands on person.  I wont know if I can or can't until I try and it won't make sense until I'm in the middle of it.

* havent met Kayla?  She is my only niece.  She is two weeks younger than Isaac. 



Claire said...

What great goals! Good luck!


Jen said...

Sound like reasonable knitting goals :) I share a few of the same knitting goals.. I reall want to learn to make hats! I want a sock monkey hat! I also would like to make fingerless gloves.