Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm DONE!!  Christmas shopping that is.  I'm shocked!  Still like 11 days until Christmas and I have nothing else I HAVE to buy!  And even better...havent set foot in Wal-Mart...amazing huh?  Now the UPS guy might not like me very much, and he probably won't show up at my door until Christmas Eve at like 7pm, but hey...shopping is DONE!

Also, all the presents I DO have purchased...all wrapped nicely under the tree!  Isaac hasnt found them yet.

I also want to take wonderful pictures of our cute little tree, but....well my house is kinda trashed...maybe later!


Kim said...

Well done, Erin! I *want* to be done, but have a few things to pick up yet!

Janine said...

Awesome!!!! The only thing we have left is if we do stocking's this year.