Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays

This has been milling around in my head for a while. 
Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Let me start off by saying that I DO think there is an attack on Christmas and Christianity in this country as a whole.  But, I do NOT think every person that says or company that runs an ad saying "Happy Holidays" in lieu of Merry Christmas is anti Christian and anti Christmas.  I just don't. 

People buy gifts for lots of reasons in December.  Hanukkah comes before Christmas.  Then Christmas.  Then Kwanzaa (I think there are gifts for Kwanzaa).  By that standard there needs to be Happy Hanukkah ads for the first couple weeks of December.  Then switch right into Merry Christmas ads.  Then right after switch to Happy Kwanzaa ads.  We live in a country of religious freedom and that freedom should apply to everyone.  Whether or not we agree with or celebrate any of the other Holidays in Decemeber, they are special events for certain groups of people.

Now, I don't buy into the whole, don't say Christmas because you might offend someone mentality.  I mean, I am not offended by "Happy Hanukkah" (not that I recall hearing that any, which is actually kinda sad).  I tell most of my customers "Merry Christmas" however, if one turned to me and said "Happy Hanukkah" I wouldn't have a cow, I would say...."Ooops...Happy Hanukkah to you!"  Then I might try to remember and tell them the same next year, I might forget, I would HOPE they wouldn't get offended, but they might, and that's too bad.   

I've also been guilty of telling people "Happy Holidays" when they come in in November to pay a quarterly bill.  Its much easier than saying "Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year".  Makes much more sense to say "Hope you guys have a good Holiday season"  It doesn't mean I am afraid of offending. It doesn't mean I want to take Christ out of Christmas.  It means it just make more sense because I hope they have Happy ALL Holidays. 

I don't buy into American Family Association's "Naughty and Nice" list.  Where they list "Christmas friendly" stores and "Anti Christmas" stores so we know who "not to give our business to." 

What DOES bug me...where employees are discouraged from saying "Merry Christmas."  Where companies have "Holiday Trees" and stuff like that.  I guess we can have "Holiday Trees" and "Holiday Candle Holders."  That annoys me to no end. 

I think we need to quit worrying about offending someone and live our lives.  People need to quit being offended so easily.  And when we walk on eggshells around those people we only feed their problem.  Say it like it is.  Say what you mean.  Stand up for what you belive.  If someone believes differently, embrace your differences.  And if you both are up to it, debate them in a friendly way.  One of you may be swayed the other way.  Or you may not, if you are not, hug (or shake hands) and agree to disagree.  Doesn't mean you can't still live in harmony and Peace on Earth! 

As for me and my family.  I send out CHRISTMAS cards, which I insist say "Merry Christmas"  (Though mine DID say something this year about the "Holiday Season" but the heading was MERRY CHRISTMAS)   I put up a Christmas tree.  And well, I also do the whole "Santa thing" (I might blog about that later). 



DebbieLynne said...

Well said! Merry Christmas!

Janine said...

I love seeing the Look of joy on (almost) everyone's face when I smile at them and say, "Merry Christmas."

It's a shame people are afraid to say that now. It's Christmas, people!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I think I agree with everything you said ;)

I make sure to say Merry Christmas, and our cards always say Merry Christmas.

I don't assume people are anti-Christian when they say Happy Holidays - but I do get a warm glow inside when they say Merry Christmas instead ;)