Monday, November 29, 2010

Under a Spiritual Attack

Hey, Satan.  Get away!  Get behind me and go away.  I dont need or want you here.  And I'm stronger than you because I have God on my side. 

I had an amazing weekend but oh, sometime around Sunday you started to try to get in the way and mess it up.  Saturday I realized the funny feeling I had was because I was experiencing something that had been rare to me in recent days...contentment.  And I kinda liked it.   

Then the attacks started...Sunday morning I had to miss Sunday school because my keys got locked in the house, while me and Isaac were outside.  And Klay wasn't home.  But we toughed it out and didn't give up and made it to church.  I was also determined to go Sunday night, I've been missing and needing Bible Study and the informal fellowship, but hadn't wanted Isaac to be disruptive.  Well...4:15 (church starts at 5) Isaac fell asleep.  Well, I decided I was going no matter what so I carefully carried him out and put in him in the car (score! still asleep!).  Made double sure I had my keys, and went to church.  He was great, played quietly in the toddler room by himself (except for the occasional waving out the door at anyone who would wave)the whole time.

Well, dumb old Satan,  I beat ya there didnt I.  But werent done yet were ya.  You made Isaac wake up and be fussy all night with a fever.  Guess what?  I prayed, and kept my cool (no pun intended) and beat ya!  He woke up this morning (well wake up is a loose term) just fine! kept it coming.

At work you had a renters policy I JUST wrote have a major total loss claim.  Fishy?  Sure.  My but I still feel like it is/could be.  But I"m not letting it get me.  I (no, not me, GOD in me) is stronger than you so why dont you just go crawl under a rock where you belong.  You aren't wanted here, welcome here, and you can GO AWAY!  Ok..buh bye now.  Stop attacking me! You suck!