Friday, November 26, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was awesome.  Amazing.  Perfect.  Simple. 

  • My food came off WONDERFULLY.  Everything at the perfect time, looking perfect.  Check out my recipe blog later for some of the wonderful recipes.
  • Everyone showed up on time, not late, not annoyingly early.  They walked in to a warm, clean house, smelling like Thanksgiving.  
  • No one argued, or annoyed anyone.  Very little cringing and tongue biting. 
  • Everyone left stuffed to the gills of wonderful food.
  • I had a dishwasher that made cleaning the kitchen back up take just minutes, not hours days.
  • After lunch it started raining and sleeting and was horribly nasty outside, it was perfect weather to sit, eat dessert, and play Wii.  And nap.
  •  Family then returned for leftovers.  Meaning I have very few leftovers now (yay!).
  • One of the best things about Thanksgiving is eating pie for breakfast the next morning.  YUMM!
  • belly is fully, my heart is content, my house is clean..THIS is what Thanksgiving should feel like.
  • Hopefully going to sweet talk Klay into putting the tree up tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday.  Puh-leeese, Daddy Klay??  PEEEEESSSEEE?!
In other news....I finished knitting my scarf.  Yet I still dont have a scarf, it was stolen.  I thought the novelty had worn off and I'd wear it this morning.  Nope, on the way out the door I stopped to kiss Isaac bye bye....he said "scarf!" and took it away...

Klay  Isaac has been formulating his Christmas list.    Klay Isaac wants Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Play Dough.  I think he'll also get a BIG coloring book (one of those you can lay in the floor and color) and maybe WASHABLE markers.   Can't wait until Daddy's payday to start shopping.  I have my list of what I am getting most everyone and would like to start getting it done so Christmas can feel like Thanksgiving did.


TammyIsBlessed said...

So thankful everything turned out so wonderfully!!

Jeanie said...

Isaac is just so beautiful.

I'm glad you had the perfect Thanksgiving day, Erin. That's just so wonderful.

Janine said...

Does Jeanie have a blogger?

I'm so happy for you. That's so exciting!!!!